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  • Yeah, Australia is pretty fun, too bad we don't generally get snow in out front yards, we have to go to a snow resort :(
    Canada, my grandparents just came back from there, apparently they saw bears and other animals, i would like to go there :)
    Lol! Can you send me a link, I can't search for users on DA, and thank you! I'll watch you too! :D
    I live in Australia,, what about you? There's always lots of time differences to people I talk to because most of them live in America.
    Yay! What's your DA name? I'll watch you too! :D
    That should be pretty cool ;)
    Well, i'm just about to go to bed, it's pretty late where I am. But I am going to Queensland in a couple of weeks, which i'm looking forward too.
    Aww, cute profile picture you have! Hey Beeker, you like kirby XD me too, i'm going to send you a friend request, I hope you accept it .
    Yeah, I used to just turn off my Wii whenever the bird stole something, but once I just decided to hang around and see what happens if you play without the sword and it was in the shop :xd:
    I felt like such an idiot :P
    Good good. I GOT THE LAPTOP!!!! DA NA NA NAAAAAAAAAAA! *Holds laptop up in the air, accidentally drops it and it breaks* whoops....
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