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  • goed idee ;), maar we kunnen het ook gewoon veel kleiner aanpakken:

    - stuur zoveel pm's naar admins/mods zodat ze hun inbox nooit kunnen gebruiken!! :devil: (wat een duivels plan :clap:)
    - We laten agent turtle (Smitie) naar Amerika afreizen om ze eens een persoonlijk bezoekje te brengen
    - en als het agent turtle niet lukt om ze uit te schakelen kunnen we altijd nog agent penguin (Bigelover: ze is fan van een hockeyteam genaamd "de flyers" en de "penguins" zijn hun grootste rivalen :lol:, als ik jou was zal ik haar codenaam niet teveel rechtstreeks gebruiken :P) gebruiken als buffer ;)

    het plan is waterdicht, wat vind jij ervan?
    Final Fantasy is alright. I can't say I've played many, but from what I've seen they're fairly generic RPGs. Couldn't stomach XII, but XIII was pretty good. Could never manage to get past Cid Raines, though which is a real bummer. That was supposed to be the game's turning point, and Gran Pulse featured a much better open and nonlinear world. I'm not a huge fan of MMORPGs, either. The only time I played Runescape was to bug people, and I'm not going to pay $50.99 for something I can do for free.

    Doesn't ring a bell.:/ I'm trying not to spoil the entire game for myself, I already accidentally stumbled upon three out of the four endings, although I only very vaguely know how they turn out.e.e

    I love Kaine's them too. < 3 Although I prefer the 'Escape' (i.e. fast version) better. My favorite has got to be either 'Grandma' or the boss theme 'Blu-Bird, ' though. I love that song because it's so exotic and intense; I haven't heard any song like it before. I'm not even certain one exists.

    In all honesty, the Japanese version (Replicant) of NieR looks like a bishie or a character off of Final Fantasy. Although I prefered that look at first, Gestalt's take on Nier has grown on me. I'm also guessing it will be a cult classic someday, like you said, and get the attention it deserves upon a larger fanbase eventually.
    Yeah, most typical RPGs nowadays are pretty darn similar. Any game that takes the chance to try out something different outside of the basic RPG formula is a game worth trying in my book. And no, I haven't seen the Forest of...uh...something. Sounds sort of familiar, though.

    I've gotta buy the soundtrack along with the game, it's a must. D : Oh, what's your favorite song from the game?

    Same thing with the story, I like how the creators of NieR experiemented with different types of characters. So many video game characters are really flat, uninteresting, and rather uncreative. It'd say it's worth fiddling around a bit to try something different, even if there is a risk it won't be popular.

    And no problem!=]
    Most games now a days don't focus on story much, which is what makes NieR so awesome in my book. That and the music - those scores are phenomenal. =P
    I like Kaine a lot, I can't really describe it. She's pretty vulgar, but I find her really likable and her backstory is really interesting.

    And sure! You don't have to ask.^-^
    I really need to get it, only played it at a friend's house.
    I've gotta say, the gameplay isn't the most fantastic, but it's story, art, and of course, music is unbelieveable. I love the OST, gotta purchase that too.

    And Kaine is < 3
    toch heb ik er nog een stuk of 10 gevonden :D maar je hebt gelijk, er zijn betere emoticons..
    Bon anniversaire, monsieur Akiranon!
    Heh, j'adore parle français. :P

    Happy birthday, Mr. Akiranon!
    Heh, I love speaking French. (Taking up French in school)
    gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag :D (de eerste keer dat ik gefeliciteerd in het Nederlands kan zeggen zonder dat iedereen gelijk naar een vertaalmachine googled :lol:)
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