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  • Oh. I've been fine. I have a ton of tests coming up in school, two of which are tomorrow. :dry:
    Other than those tests, i've been working on several stories, most of which will never leave my mind. :P

    What about you?
    Happy b-day, Akiranon! I just accidentally found your page and just in time too it seems ;)
    Happy birthday, Akira! ^^

    Hope it's awesome!

    By the way, same question I've asked before: What is your avatar from? It looks really familiar. :xd:

    It kinda looks like... Sakura from Card Captors...?
    So today is your day :) Happy happy birthday! I hope your day was/is and will remain an excellent one!!
    Happy Birthday, Akiranon. I hope that you have fun, and that you stuff yourself with cake and sweets! (Not literally)
    Be sure not to rot your teeth with sugar!
    Happy Birthday buddy! You're so old now! =O

    Hope you have a good day!
    Happy birthday, man! Two decades, that's quite a while. I've seen only a decade and a half. Enjoy your day!
    Thanks my friend :) It´s been quite a wonderful day this far actually, let´s hope the flow remains!!
    Oh lekker oliebollen ^^ Ja, ik wist gewoon haast niet dat er nog meer Nederlanders waren hier, volgens Smitie zijn er wel 4 nu.
    Hip om gewoon Nederlanders te zien hier, als Mod enzo nog wel.
    Thnx anyway ^^ Ga wel actief worden enzo
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