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  • I accidently gave you positive reputation instead of negitive reputation on the Okami VS. Zelda thread. You lucked out. :dry:
    Oh, I loved it! It's a fantastic game, imo. The graphics are beautiful and the music is great, too. The only thing they could've improved on in Okami are some of the fights. Other than that, it's an amazing game. And don't get me started on the plot... It's got a very deep, interesting story. But you'll see that when you get there. ;)
    It has been most excellent, thank you! I've been a member of several online forums before, but this one clearly has the nicest people, most mature and intelligent discussions, and has overall been the most interesting and most easygoing.
    Ha, I haven't finished my list. It's formed, but I need to write summaries of each game. I'm also lazy, which is the biggest part of its delay, and since it's being delayed, I have time to discover new games. Thus my list is altered whenever I work on it, so it's subject to change. There are, however, some games that I refuse to remove because of nostalgia, greatness, or both.
    I'm right now at the Mission where you meet Elvis the alien.

    Thought that since many people think Elvis was abducted by aliens.
    Saw your recent post.
    My bro-in-law got Perfect Dark for me last year for my 16th B-Day and I love it so I sold my copy of Goldeneye to someone at school who was looking for it.
    I just have to tell you that the quote in your sig is pretty great. Shiggy's the man.
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