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  • feraldonkey! Why don't I see you around these parts anymore? Your profile is pretty lonesome as well. You should chat in the Shoutbox some more. :yes:
    We can have it all.

    dolaaaaaan in the deeeeeep

    Omg you are going to be my new best friend. I saw your post in the opposex thread and your usertitle, I love Dolaaaan

    I was expecting it to be a disappointment, and frankly it was. :( I was right about the WiiU being milked for family/gimmicky games, and I was right that there were no really good game announcements coming up. D:

    What did you think?
    I'm not sure. D: They had a slightly beefy taste. I was too tired to look at the packaging :P Also, I got barely any sleep last night, so I know how you feel. You're probably worse though. You should have a nap!
    Well i've got a history exam on thursday that i'm panicking about, so i'm sitting here with my books staring at them wondering "To study or not to study?" :P Also, i'm eating noodles which are very delicious xD
    Hah hah. You're welcome. I've seen your signature around a few times, but i've never said hello. So hello! :P

    So, what's up?
    I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have such an awesome signature :O Did you make it?
    You are a very interesting and engaging user. Your posts often stimulate my mind which is unusual with other new users who are flooding the forums with spam in order to augment their post count.

    What franchises other than Zelda interest you?
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