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Your Browser Addons ?


Sep 19, 2011
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So I did some searching before making this thread, now although we have had threads about what browser we use, and what themes we enable, there so far hasn't been an addon one.
I thought it might be neat to share which plugins we use, and talk a little about them. This can apply to both Firefox and Chrome, or any other browser that allows addons.

Adblock plus
A browser I'm sure 95% of you are aware of, no more pesky ads. Although I believe sometimes it's nice to think of small sites that need the cash so I'll disable it for them. ^^
Bamboo feed reader
My RSS reader, it turns orange on the status bar when you get a new feed. It's very handy and It beats visiting 100 sites everyday.
Download status Bar
Adds a small downloads bar to the bottom of the page. Like Google Chromes only smaller.
Downloads flash objects from pages, such as Youtube videos
FVD Speed dial
I love speed dial ever since I came across it in opera, and had hoped there was an addon for it. There are quite a few in fact, I've tried many over time but I love this one.
Movable firefox button
I didn't really like the firefox button at the top right, it's a waste of tab space. With this small addon you can move it to a better place. ^^
Photobucket uploader
Just a lazy way to quickly move images on webpages, straight to my photobucket account.
Tab mix plus
This addons gives you a lot more control over your tabs, you can set the width of them, set the tabs to fit to the webpage title. It's rather neat and gives you a lot more space, just see the firefox button picture to see what I mean. It also allows you to use hotkeys to do certain tasks. It really helps with the app tabs too, since you have the option of locking them so they cannon close. I have both my speed-dial and my rss feeder set as my app tabs.
So this ad... wait a second I didn't install this addon , pesky programs, installing addons without my knowlage. :I
Custimazable shortcuts
This is an official addon from Mozilla, it just allows you to set your own hotkeys.

So what about you ?


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Apr 9, 2010
I currently have four Google Chrome extensions enabled; the first of which being AdBlock. A free extension that works wonders on obnoxious ads? Sign me up. The creators also have a great sense of humor, as they changed all blocked ads to cats for April Fools Day, which was pretty chill.

The second extension I have is called GoogleDictionary, which allows me to simply click on a word and the definition will appear for me. It's actually not entirely useful as there aren't many words I've had to look up on it. Typically I double-check the definitions of words I think I know - before I use them in a post - to make sure I have the meanings correct and make sure I don't sound asinine. This is what I got once when I accidentally clicked on my name:


Yeah dunno.

The third extension I have is called New York Yankees, and it came with the super cool Yankees theme I downloaded a while back. It's a pretty handy bar that looks like this:


It links to a search of Yankees.com; MLB.com; Yankees.com itself; the gameday scoreboard which displays the day's current games and their scores; Yankees ticket pricing; the Yankees Facebook page; the Yankees Twitter page; and what I use most of all, a little bar that circulates through recent Yankees news - including injury updates, player news, etc. It's pretty handy for someone like me who is fanatical about baseball.

Finally, my fourth extension is called Troll Emoticons. It's supposed to allow you to post and see Rage face and troll emoticons on certain websites, but it never works for me. I just keep it installed because I like the way it looks on my Chrome:


And that's all folks.


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Feb 8, 2011
Whenever I'm out looking for extensions, I try to find ones that aid my browsing experience. I don't like cluttering up my Google Chrome with a bunch of useless addons that I only got because they had cool features. However I broke that rule and made an exception for some, as you'll see, but even they're pretty useful. Anywho, my entire collection likely isn't bigger than most.

Adblock Plus:

Probably the extension I'm most thankful for. It's made browsing so much faster and easier. I never really have to worry about clicking on some annoying ad which leads to malware or takeover advertisements. And yeah, like Dan said, if there are any small sites that need to show the ads in order to stay up, then I'll put them on the whitelist, which AB+ has thankfully.


Saves time and enhances productivity through the megaload of features included with it. It quickly gets articles from Wikipedia, autoloads next pages (I've only seen this done in Google so far), and linkifies highlighted text by providing a pop-up which can take me to Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, or IMDB, whichever I choose to search the highlight on.


This simply blocks anything using AdobeFlash, such as a Youtube video, from starting automatically.


This addon sees who is tracking your web browsing and blocks them. It also notifies you of who the "viewer" or analytics programmer is and allows you to filter them as acceptable or not. A great option for protecting your privacy.

Google Dictionary:

Let's you easily view definitions as you browse the web. Just double-click any word and it will display a meaning of that word. Or you can click the button at the top, type in a word, and it will provide a list of several definitions and even synonyms of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I find it so much easier than going to Dictionary.com, and yet that is necessary at times.

Looks of Disapproval:

Has a list of emoticons that looks like disapproving expressions. These are made up of unicode, mostly, and even lets you save homemade emotes to it. A click of the button at the top right corner and you'll have simple access to them. ಠ_ರೃ

Lyrics for Google Chrome:

If you're having trouble finding good lyrics from a video on YouTube, then don't despair. Lyrics for Google Chrome links directly to the lyrics of any song on YouTube, Last.fm, Grooveshark, and Google Play, minus all the annoying pop-ups.

YouTube Downloader: MP3:

This adds an additional option below YouTube videos and allows you to download MP3s directly from that video. I only use it on hard-to-find video game tracks, or when I don't feel like hunting a VG album down.
Aug 7, 2011
So far I only use Adblock Plus. I haven't really felt the need to seek out any other extensions yet.
Oct 16, 2011

Adobe Flash Player comes to mind. I don't know why you would ever need to block flash if you don't have it installed. On the same note I don't know how you would ever know what to download without seeing the content you plan on getting.

Microsoft Silverlight is barely worth mentioning but it is there.

German Dictionary for firefox is just a spell check for german.

I keep Firefox mostly pure. (plugin/addon whatever)
Oct 20, 2008
In general I use FireBug, Web developer toolbar, and NoScript, ShowIP, things like that. FireBug, WDT, and NoScript are pretty much essentials to me, but I do use other addons from time to time.


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Sep 19, 2011
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The only addon I use is Adblock. It stops annoying ads from showing up, speeds up page loading, and stops any malware that can infect my computer through the adspace. It's the only addon I really need for internet browsing, though I've been thinking about getting flashblock/ non script at some point so I have max protection.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I used to surf the Interwebs with zero addons, quite skeptical of how they would work, aside from those that were absolutely required, such as Shockwave, Flash, and Unity to name a few. However, I got to meet a nice friend named "Adblock Pro". I was very skeptical as to how this addon would work, but I heard great things about it, so I went forth and installed said addon.

And let me tell you, it is an amazing addon. I have yet to see a single advertisement anywhere, even on YouTube where you get bombarded by advertisements when trying to watch a video from your favorite YouTuber. My only concern is for some people losing money through this, but it has made my web-viewing experience much more pleasurable. :)

Prichina Neboi

Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar (if you're using Firefox without this you really should consider switching. Instead of making a completely new window for downloads it adds a nice, short little bar listing your current and previous downloads)
Tree Style Tab (another essential in my opinion, particularly if you have tons of tabs open all the time)

I used to use something called Perapera Chinese, basically a dictionary add-on where if you mouse over a character it gives you the meaning, but that seemed to be causing massive memory leaks. Really have no idea how or why an addon like that would cause that.


Feb 25, 2010
Of Course, very important.

Very Awesome New Tab page
This overhauls the New Tab page, and makes it useful.

Reddit widget
Allows me to see the front page of a Reddit subreddit in the New tab page, for use with the New Tab Page plugin above.

Allows me to scroll over an image and have it pop up on screen without leaving the page. Useful for Reddit.

Reddit Enhancement Suite
Improves Reddit, adding features, making it more user friendly.

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