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Xbox360 Slim


Retired Super Mod and HK
Oct 24, 2007
I haven't gotten much of a chance to use it due to lack of new games, but everything is going marvelously so far. This is the definitive Xbox360 for sure.


I am me....
Jan 25, 2010
I want this really bad, even though my Elite is still running great. Funny thing is that it is almost never off now that I have Netflix. XD I don't play too many games on it, the ones I do are from the HD so it is always quiet, or I play RB and I have it up enough to rock and not hear it anyway. But if this thing goes, the slim is what I will get, as long as nohing bad comes out of it like all previous Xboxs.
Oct 4, 2009
United States
The Slim still has it's flaws. Microsoft actually removed the red LED lights from the console that cause the RROD. Now people have already dubbed the "Light of Death" which is actually located on the power brick and turn red when the console is having hardware problems.


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
I'm not going to buy it because they removed a couple of the jackhammers (that is to say, fans) that were put in to solve the old overheating issue. Being quieter is definitely a huge bonus, but I think a lowered risk of malfunctioning is the lesser of two evils.

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