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Would You Rather

Feb 5, 2011
Cards... you never said they couldn't be Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

WYR live in a world were Sym-Bionic Titan got all the episodes it deserved or a world where Annoying Orange was never thought up?


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Also, we bronies don't belong in an asylum...
My apologies, I know there are crazy fans for every fandom. Just...MLP seems to have a buttload of them. There are a few sane ones like you.

I'll give the money away to the animal shelters where I live, I love animals and they need and deserve it.

WYR be a flying dinosaur, a swimming dinosaur, or a land dinosaur?
Feb 5, 2011
Land, because there's no such thing as a flying or swimming dinosaur. Seriously, look it up, pteranodon, plesiosaur and the like weren't dinosaurs

WYR pilot a mecha or command a dragon?


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
Command a dragon. I've never been interested in mecha…

WYR there be a Super Smash Brothers comedy anime or an anime of the Pokemon Special manga?

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