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  • I added your friend code :)

    I'm still finishing the challenges of the Ice Cavern. I've finished all challenges before that. So if you need to complete any challenge from there we can play together :)
    I saw your post on the Friend Finder. I've already beaten the game, but if you're trying to beat the challenges, then maybe we could try to form a group for that. If you're interested, my FC is 2062-9152-2221.
    Hey man, I've perceived you to be an excellent writer and would like to ask if you'd write an extremely brief 400 word piece for this competition?
    Sorry for the super random VM but would you mind assisting us in one of our most successful count to 100 before a mod posts attempts yet?!
    I think it's a pretty big goal, one that requires determination and dedication. Not saying you can't do it, but I doubt it will be easy. I would love to see a fan made cartoon as fan made things tend to be better than originals. I often tell people that I would like to get some ZD-ers in Nintendo so they can know what we, as fans, want.
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