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  • Well, at least now you won't possibly get in trouble for having a signature that's too big, so yay for that. Anyways, that's all I had to say really, have a nice day now :shinesprite:
    No problems, just noticed and figured I'd tell you about that stuff, I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future as well ^^
    Miss Draconian Kitty, just a heads up that your signature is likely violating the size limits, my suggestion would be to place that second banner in a spoiler tab at the very least.


    It's fine, thanks for at least replying, that was like the second thread I ever made and despite being somewhat decent I wasn't expecting to get too many replies to it--since there's a lot of people here who play that game you'd think quite a few would reply, but that's no always the case.
    Due to thread kind of driving in an off topic direction, I decided to reply to you via VM instead.

    Overall that quote does indeed have a lot of meaning to it, if only life were that simple though. I mean, if everybody looked at what was the same instead of what was different the world would be a better place, maybe in the distant future the world could be that way. Won't happen in my lifetime, but one can hope that it happens someday.
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