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Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

Dec 19, 2011
If its included the Zora armor (great for a swimmer :P )
However I would LOVE the Claw Shot... That would be soo much fun! :D
Aug 7, 2011
Hmm, it's a tough choice between the Gale Boomerang and the Clawshot! I'd have a lot of fun with both of them in real life I think.
Dec 10, 2011
Pocatello, ID
I would like to have the spinner. This object is like a hoverboard from Back to the Future and yet it has quite a few other uses. It basically is a gear that floats. I only wish that in the game this was used more than it was. I liked bouncing from wall to wall. I would even make a whole new "skate" park for the spinner. It would be a lot of fun.
Apr 6, 2012
The spinner was great. It was a fun way of transportation :D
But I'm quite short and never able to reach things on high shelves, so I would chose the Clawshot over the spinner.

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