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Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

Dec 22, 2011
duel clawshots for sure it would be soooooooooooooo much fun to just be like spiderman jumping froom place to place


Gimme a Break
Dec 27, 2011
I'd love to have the horse whistle and, (if I had horse) call it from anywhere. I wouldn't mind having the dominion rod either.
I would love to have Zora Armor because swimming fast and not having to breath forcing you to the surface would be awesome, not to mention it looks good ;).
But if I can`t pick armor, I`d pick the double claw shots IF you could connect on to more than just the targets like in the game... if I couldn`t I`d pick the Hyrule Sword as I own an actual bow already (Although Link`s bow would we cooler)
Dec 30, 2011
Zora Armor would definitely be cool, although the Master Sword hands down would be the best
Wait. Are those items?
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Dec 19, 2011
The Master Sword. If i can't choose that, then probably Zora Armor. If that doesnt count, then either double clawshots, or spinner.
Dec 30, 2011
Deffinitley Clawshot. Who wouldn't want to fly like Superman everywhere instead of walking?
Really, its not flying. honest. I'm not sure i would say swinging but saying 'swing through the air like Spider-Man' would make more sense:shake:
Although it would be sweet to have a clawshot


Lance's Protégé
Apr 3, 2012
Mount Silver, Johto
Shadow Crystal, of course. I no matter how many cool items you get, nothing beats the ability to shapeshift into an animal. Though if it were up to me, I think I'd want my animal form to be either feline or draconic rather than lupine.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Personally I'd have to choose the clawshot/double clawshot. I don't know how many times I've looked at things in real life and said "I think I could hookshot to that", etc.

I'd also choose the Zora armor. I would love to be able to swim without needing to come up for air.

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