Where'd the Graveyard Kid Go?

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    It's not about finding him atractive but the whole prostitution (maybe) joke
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    I think that's nintendo "humor". When they have it, it has a tendency to be rather edgy.
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    I don't think there is any sort of evidence to definitively say what happened to the Graveyard Kid. As most people are saying, it's most like that he either died or he and his family left Hyrule. I like to think that they fled the war.

    I have to say, I pretty much disagree with this 100%. That line from the Poe Collector in no way even insinuates that the Poe Collector is a female. All that he is saying is that Link is a good-looking young fella, and the Poe Collector is practically a zombie. A zombie-looking guy is probably quite limited in terms of employment options.

    Aside from that, as most people have said, the most likely scenario is that the Poe Hunter is the guard from Young Link's time period.
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    He ded