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What was your first Zelda game and How was your Experience with it?


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What is your first Zelda and how was your experience with it? Did you love it and that was how you discovered the rest of the Zelda series, or did you have a bad time with it?

My first Zelda game was Twilight Princess. For the longest time when I was younger, I kept getting stuck in the first temple. But eventually, (with the help of ZD walkthroughs) I got past it and eventually finished the entire game. I love TP, and I will always love it. It sparked my love for Zelda.


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Sep 29, 2020
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Well, that's an odd question for me. Technically it was Wind Waker, I shared a slot with my 10yo brother. It was fun, but I'm clueless about some things like the Forsaken Forest dungeon.
Twilight Princess was the first one I played on my own and everyone knows how that went.
My first Zelda game was the original Zelda on the NES.

My parents would abuse me and lock me in the only bedroom and only let me out for school, but in the bedroom was an NES and I figured out how to make it work and started playing it.

I didn't know how to change the game, I didn't even know it was a game, I figured it was just what the NES did.

I never got very far, I was too young to know what I was doing but the music and look of the game sort of imprinted on me and it helped me get through how my parents would treat me.

It was a nice little ray of a light for me at the time.


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Mar 30, 2020
Breath of the Wild.
I never had an interest in the series before a friend accidentally left it at my house one day.
And there it sat, in my case, going unused... for about two weeks. Then, out of curiosity, I picked it up and had a fabulous time playing it. It's definitely my favorite Legend of Zelda game, and probably makes my top 20 games of all time, if not top 15 or even 10.
Since then, I've played a little Wind Waker with my brother, Ocarina of Time using my other brother's 3DS copy, Link's Awakening for the Switch, and I did play A Link to the Past a little bit. (I mean, there's also Smash, but I won't count that.)

But yeah, that's my experience with the series.
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Jan 11, 2021
I played Breath of the Wild for 2 entire years before even realizing it was a Zelda game. I fell in the love with the world, the hidden stories, the runes, the villages and towns, the shrine quests. Everything captivated me unlike anything had really before. After realizing it was a "zelda game," and what a "zelda game" meant, I played Minish Cap on an emulator and fell in love with the 2D entries. Since then, I've played every game other than the multiplayer games in multiplayer.

BOTW got me through some...hard times. A lot of death and sadness. And the whole game, and, really, the whole series, is about loss. So Zelda games have really resonated with me, and it started with my infatuation with BOTW.

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A Link to the Past was my first Zelda game. My mom picked up a copy for the Gameboy Advance at a yard sale and I decided to give it a try. Ended up loving it and that was the beginning of my love for the series. I have fond memories of playing Twilight Princess on my Wii or getting in a bit of playtime of Spirit Tracks before school, waiting to see if it was going to be cancelled because of a snow day (it was and I got to play the game longer that morning).


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Jun 16, 2020
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Ocarina of Time, technically. I bought it at random off the Wii Shop Channel but only got as far as approaching Darunia in Goron City. Took me ages to figure out what I was supposed to do from there, and I didn't actually progress in the game past that until I replayed it on 3DS later.

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I found Phantom Hourglass at a BestBuy when I was 13 or so. I'd never heard of Zelda before, but the game looked interesting to me and the title really caught my attention. I tried it out and loved it. That led to me discovering Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time on my GameCube, and from there I became a Zelda fan. although I don't like TP at all anymore. :P

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Aug 27, 2011
Well when I was a kid I would mess with the Master Sword time travel stuff on my friends file and played a little bit of WW before getting stuck in the Forsaken Fortress. So the first time I played a Zelda game on my own was Twilight Princess after my friend let me start a file and later on lent me her Gamecube so I could play it at home.

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Dec 18, 2020
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My first Zelda game, as you'd expect, was OoT. I had no idea you could press Z to change the camera direction, which made traversing platforms much harder (I still knew about Z targetting tho). I ended up struggling trying to get across the platforms of Dodongo's Cavern and eventually gave up, which may or may not have contributed to my hate of DC.

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Aug 31, 2014
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When I was a wee lad I played a lot of adventure of link (to no avail of course)- I liked it because it was a fantasy game, not because I had any concept of the zelda series. I had just as much fun playing Robin hood. But for Christmas one year my cousin gave my family a gamecube with wind waker and crazy taxi
From there I started playing every zelda game on release, with my appreciation for wind waker growing as I got older and gained more of an understanding of game design

I'm honestly surprised by the number of people in the thread being introduced to the series by botw and more importantly actually liking these games despite them being completely different
I appreciate botw for that, at least


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Aug 16, 2019
Skyward Sword was my first when I was 8th grade. I honestly hadn't played anything like this before like single player RPG. Would you believe if I said I stopped going to my friend's house to play Modern warfare II and stayed at my home to play Skyward Sword?
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