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What Mini-games Would You Like to See in Skyward Sword???

Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
One of the things that make a Zelda game awesome (at least for me) are the mini-games. I been thinking about some of the mini-games that are perfect with the items they've shown us. (I know there is a similar thread but this is focused on mini-games) Then once Skyward Sword comes out we'll see who thinks the most like Nintendo. :bleh:

  1. bomb bowling (Bowling w/bombs)
  2. Wild animal taming (Using the Whip)
  3. Beetle fights (Last beetle flying wins)
  4. Boxing (if his gloves could be used as an item)
  5. Duels (Sword fights)
  6. Bird Races
  7. Running Races (Perhaps utilizing an obstacle course)
  8. Sky diving Roulett (Last one to call their bird and survive wins)
  9. Maybe even Quidditch-ish games (like in Harry Potter but better and cool)

What would make these even more EPIC!!! would be if numbers 3-9 would be multiplayer (local and online)

Tell me what you think and I'd love to hear your ideas!!!
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Dragon Demon
Mar 5, 2011
Spirit Temple
Arrow mini-game you know how you can shoot arrows into hearts and they'll stick to the wall? I think there will be something associated with that.


The Last Kilgannon
Jun 7, 2011
Bomb bowling, bird racing, and duels would be amazing, but Id be happy with any of these. The more the better. The lack of mini games was my only problem with Twilight Princess. There were hardly any at all, compared to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Wind Waker. I really hope Nintendo fixes this for Skyward Sword.


hero of...uh... somthing.
Mar 13, 2011
i bet nintendo will ask themselves "what minigame are we having in ss? any ideas?" which will lead to everyone in the room arguing whether their ideas are fun or tedious. then one bright spark will say "hey, do you remember rollgoal?" he/she will get a load of blank looks then continue. "y'know, that one in the corner of the fishing hut in twilight princess?" then one man will shudder in rememberance of hours spent playing rollgoal, working towards the pointless prize of the frog lure. then the bright spark will tell everyone of the basic rules of the game and miyamoto-san (or whoevers in charge of skyward swords development will stand up with a broad smile on his face and say "that sounds like fun." the one man who remembers it will beg not to have it included but he will be brushed off. and so, the rollgoal nightmare begins again, this time with the power of motion+ in its hands.

joking aside, i think your ideas are great, a dueling game is long overdue. the others are great too of course. (8 is intresting)

i would like to see a game where you race someone through a dungeon-type place where have to solve puzzzles quicker than the other competitors
Jul 30, 2010
stock pott in clocktown
id love to see 1 3 5 and 6 on your list and unfortunantly they said they weren't using any online capabilities for the game ): i think boxing wouldn't fell right though id also like to see a long range bow shooting thing. like there's a couple targets that are like a mile away and you have to figure out how far the arrow would drop before shooting it and try and hit the target as good as you can.


The Pancake Pokemon
Feb 22, 2011
Castle Town Pancakes
Sword duels, bird races, and bomb bowling would be epic. There's a mini game where you cut bamboo...And an arrow minigame, and beetle fighiting sounds awesome.

I'd like to see the Whip minigame from Spirit Tracks return, since the DS teams helped them, which is why the whip was brought over.


Sage of Wisdom
May 28, 2011
All mini-games from Wii Sports Resort must be included in Skyward Sword, no exceptions.


Hylian Warrior
Dec 12, 2010
I really like all the mini-games you said Jstar (but I would not count on the boxing), There should also be an archery mini-game and maybe a game like the STAR mini-game from Twilight Princess.
Feb 23, 2011
Performing aerial tricks and an obstacle course of some kind for points would be cool. Also, it would be nice if there were some mini-games similar to the "Duel" and "Speed Slice" games featured in Wii Sports Resort. :yes:

Twilight Comet

well most probaly there will be a shooting gallery, those are fun but they should add a twist like doing that while mounted on a bird. Skydiving sounds fun. I wish we could tell nintendo what we want, but hey I'm not complaining!

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