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  • Yes, I do like the CD-I Zelda games. Don't misunderstand me, I don't mean I love them, however they really aren't that bad. They are not as good as OOT or MM, but I can think of far worse games if I had to. Honestly, I think the CD-I Zelda games are some of the best game on the CD-I. They certainly are better than games like Who Shot Johnny Rock or The Joy of Sex. I think the art and music is good, and the gameplay is okay. I think they stick true to the spirit of Zelda, which considering the very low budget they had it's great. I hope this answers your question.
    You seem like just a troll, however I could be wrong. "I despise the CD-I games because of the side scrolling action." Than why do you like Zelda 2? Have you even played them? If you dislike the CD-I games, you must state reasons why. If you don't, no one will take you seriously.
    :D Thanks! But dude, I just gotta tell you that if you want to contact me you should write to me either in my profile, or in our conversation (which you can get to by clicking "View Conversation" above my visitor message). Otherwise I won't notice that you've written to me.
    So mate, how do you do? :?
    'Hoy there mate! :wave: Thanks a lot for joining my OoT3D group! :D
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