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What Made You Happy Today?


Slickest pompadour in town
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Aug 16, 2019
Yesterday, I had a lot of fun with my friends. We went to a mall, watched movies, ate lunch went to a book store and window shopped manga. *sigh* Thinking about how great yesterday was waiting for my 1st hour to start. Damn I really dislike Mondays.


AKA Patrick
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Aug 13, 2013
Got a copy of my birth cerificate, set up an appointment to apply for my passport tomorrow. Will be visiting a school friend of mine in Japan over Golden Week...then...maybe a friend from here for a day in another country. I feel like I am a independent human being for the first time in my life.

Bowsette Plus-Ultra

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Mar 23, 2013
I finally got a washer working in my apartment. It's a slightly smaller one that has to hook up to the kitchen faucet, but it works. Man, I miss the luxury of living on a barracks or a dorm and just having a laundry room down the hall.

...now I need a dryer. Probably should have thought about that before jumping all in one doing a test load of laundry.


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Just left the orthodontist this afternoon and turns out I'll finally get my braces off on April 18th!! Had them since...late 2021, man, it's been a bit, huh.

I can't wait, and hey it's right around my birthday too! Hah, I wonder if my teeth will feel weird without all the brackets there.
the day is coming, (un)brace yourself!! :skitty:

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