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Ocarina of Time What Do You Want to See Fixed?


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I would like to see more uses for the Spells, Fire & Ice Arrows, and bombchus. I would also like there to be a free moving camera like in WW or TP (GCN).
Jan 28, 2010
I want them to add a bit more dialogue to the characters just giving them a bit more personality and a little bit of extra info on the lore of the game, at least for the minor characters. I want the Kokiri to realize it was Link the Kokiri who actually grew up and saved their asses seven years later! It always bugged me they didn't know... but it wouldn't be a big deal if they kept it the same.
I want to be able to put my sword away by standing still a split second instead of waiting a few seconds like in the original. I want them to add extra content! Extra sidequests, dungeons, items, whatever! They don't have to change or take away anything, just add stuff and I'll be happy.


Oct 4, 2010
I would love to see the character's face expressions fixed. For example, if you just helpedsomeone, then they would be smiling and not look like they are wearing a mask or something.


Doktor Assisted Homicide
Oct 30, 2010
If you can't read this, you're blind.
i would like for more chances to fight dark link like before you put the master sword in its place you fight dark link then again at water temple then at start of spirit and shadow and then one final time in Ganon's castle in the boss room under before the boss and then before he dies for the final time i want him to say something and then fall like usual


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
Let the list begin:

1. They've said that they're going to fix the water temple. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All they've said that they'll be doing with the Water Temple is changing the interface of the Iron Boots.

Honestly, the only things that have confirmed changes are item selection, interface, and graphics. Music and camera control are also probable.

However, I am a proponent of them changing as little as possible with the game. The character models appear to be staying to the concept art of the game, which is certainly a positive. I wouldn't want to see any drastic character model changes.
Any changes in gameplay or story would be absolutely off-limits. That is where the game shined, and it is where it still shines to this day. The developers have viewed (and mentioned, if I'm not mistaken) OoT 3DS as a method of re-introducing a masterpiece of a game to a new generation who may have not experienced it. Changing too much of it wouldn't allow it to be that same masterpiece that it was, and still is to this day. The gameplay and story are still just as innovative, charming, and epic as they were back in the day, and I see absolutely no reason to change it. My stance on preserving it as much as possible is extremely firm, and this is my reasoning (taken from another thread):

DuckNoises said:
Great games are great, no matter when you play them. Something that every gamer should do is think retrospectively and appreciate what results have come from the past's innovations and see how they were be built upon. The same can also be said for the opposite; every gamer should also look into new games and see spots where things weren't built upon when they clearly should have been. A great game transcends time, and what a great game is made of can be very different things for different people. Nonetheless, there are universal gems, and people can spot them and see their brilliance regardless of how old they are. The same can be said of any person, place, or thing. An understanding of the past provides an uncanny understanding of the present, and that is something that should be embraced.


Since at the moment I'm only playing through it, I can't say a whole lot, but I there are some things I can see being improvable.

The glitchy walls, walk a certain way and you can see right through them.

More use of spells, so far I've only come across one instance where Din's Fire has been useful.

Extremely hard side quests, some of those masks I would never have figured out, along with that crazy cucco hunting jar contest thingy.

I can't say anything for the water temple though, because like I said before, I'm only partway through.
Sep 28, 2010
Wow, this thread has survived FOREVER and TWO MODERATORS have posted on it!!!!! What great thing will happen to me next? I'll be randomly selected to beta test SS!?!?!?!??!
Nov 30, 2010
Seattle Washington
hmm... in the video i saw, theyre adding horse-combat on epona, which means there will have to be more enemies and such in Hyrule field. also, i would love for them to make like one new are, off the zora river or something, for us to explore. i mean its not like they can't do that, and in the video i watched it also said that thay might add a few dungeons they cut from the original games. places like the well and ice cavern. that would be awesome if it were true.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
One thing I would want improved are the controls, although I am sure they are working on this. The original game always seemed to have a slight lag between pressing the button and Link swinging the sword. It needed to be a little more responsive.

Other than that I just want some added content. Anything else would be fundamentally altering the game and I would not want that. But some more gossip stones with some inside info on the inner working of Hyrle would be great. As I am always a fan of a deeper story. Plus maybe a larger Zora's Domain and Goron village with a couple more things to do like an extra minigame or two. Both of those places seemed way too tiny and after you concluded your business there early on there was no real reason to go back. There needs to be something else to find or do in these important regions of Hyrule other than just rescue the single named character and gain a spiritual stone. Maybe a few added mini dungeons dropped in some ares in Hyrule field as well. It did seem like a lot of empty space most of the time.


I just want to see them with the upped graphics.
Gannondorf from oot had the best look so I want to see him the most!


What is this? This is the third time I've heard about this. Is something wrong with my game? I can't get into the alleys as adult Link!!!! :O

You go into the alley as young Link after getting all 3 spiritual stones and encountering Ganondorf in the cutscene outside Castle Town.
Jan 1, 2011
I personally think the game is fine the way it is. But one thing can be changed. The control's. I hated the control's, I hope that Nintendo can make it a lot better. And I know this is going to be an "OMG" thing, but graphic's could of been a lot better as well.

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