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  • I wouldn't exactly say that. I suppose it differs for me. I'm good at pattern memorization, but I don't think my reflexes are too bad either. The problem with the rabbit minigame for me is mostly that it was entirely random. Even if you go by reflexes you could be off and miss it. :/

    Ah, I see. Lol. Oh! Metroid! Metroid was my favorite series before I got majorly into Zelda. :xd: Super Metroid is definitely my favorite. That was my first video game and even to date I don't believe any of the 2D Metroids have outdone it and I think the 3D Metroids just aren't quite the same, with the exception of the first Prime. Prime was amazing, though I still prefer Super Metroid. Prime 2 and 3 were a lot worse though, if still okay games. My ordered list of Metroid preference goes something like...

    Super > Prime > Fusion > Other M > Prime 2 > Prime 3 > Metroid II
    Oh. So you would have preferred a Wii, and that's why you are disappointed? I see. Sorry to hear that. :( But at least you can enjoy a 360! There's tons of games I want to play that I can't play on my Wii.

    I'm generally pretty good at most games of any kind. The problem with the bunnies is they move in a random direction and stop moving after a random amount of time. At the very least they should have had some kind of pattern, like they stop after a certain amount of time ALWAYS, or most of the time.
    Happy Birthday WakerofWinds! Hope your last hours of your day is a blast! Get longs of great gifts and cake!
    Why not eBay? And that's true I suppose. Oh, you want to know what my score of LA would be?

    How is getting a 360 unfortunate? :?
    Ohhh. Well you BARELY pass. :bleh: And yeah, she does. Or she does in the secret ending anyway. To get it I believe you have to get through the game without dying once or something like that. I suppose it is a little like Aryll, yeah.

    Maybe you could try getting Link's Awakening on eBay? Anyway, that's cool. But yeah, they are really hard. LA gave me a lot of trouble and for once forced me to use a guide at several points. I might get the original and AoL on Virtual Console for Christmas, so in that case I could finally see how hard they really are. :xd:

    Ah, actually I haven't played the Oracle games yet, so I can't give you a score. Sorry. :(
    Lol, why? What's wrong with Marin? D:

    Ah, I see. I'm missing a fair amount of games out of the series myself, although I'm fairly steadily completing it. :) Well, if you do get a Wii you could always get Majora's Mask on Virtual Console. Actually, you could probably complete a lot of the series by doing that. :) If you get a Wii eventually, like for Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword, that could be a good option.
    Kinda, yeah. Takes me a while to get the time to go through all the messages I get. XP

    I don't do much timeline theorizing either, but yeah, I had the same thought about The Minish Cap going at the end rather than the beginning. I actually find that most likely myself. Ah. I haven't played OoA yet, but I believe it's supposed to be a lot like LA, which is very hard, so I feel your pain I guess. :xd:
    Er, sorry for the late reply...

    Well it's not that horrible... I mean I haven't played them either. FF fans are crazy? I don't know much about them I guess. XP Ah, that's cool! I love The Minish Cap. I'm not a strict supporter of that timeline placement though. I don't see why it has to be at the beginning of the timeline or any conclusive evidence that it is. =\

    Do you... uh, still want advice one what game to play next even though it's been so long? :xd:
    Sorry. I thought you said The World Ends With You as a reply to my statement and not a game. Sorry, I've never even heard of it. :(
    A lot of people here are Pokemon fans, so that's nothing worth laughing about (it wouldn't be anyway). I haven't been able to get into Pokemon lately as I don't have any of the games. I used to have Yellow, but not anymore.

    I'm sort of meh on most Final Fantasy. Tactics is completely different, though, and works in turns while you move units around on a grid-based battlefield. It's like commanding an army. :3

    Are any of the Digimon games any good? I'm a fan of Digimon but I don't know much about the games.
    Awesome, I thought I was alone here. Star Ocean is actually my favorite series. Second Story is my favorite. How about you? :D
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