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What Are the Two Things That You Do when You Enter Your House After a Day of School?


My mom says im cool...
Aug 29, 2008
Washroom, food.
Oh and pants off of course.
Gotta appreciate the more simpler things, y'know?


Nature's troll
Mar 17, 2010
Pacific Northwest
i but my backpack (lol oldschool backpack ;) ) in my room, and then hope we have a doller pizza. (I hardly ever take off my shoes, cause, like, what if there was a fire and I had no shoes? I would be on burning embers! (I am TOTALLY not paranoid *checks behind back*))


What the moo?
Mar 4, 2010
a place somewheres
1. Take off my shoes and backpack
2. Bathroom
3. Homework (I never actually study, but still get good grades)
4. Watch TV with sister(s)/ Play Wii/ Go on computer/ Read


Change to my comfortable training pants or whatever it's called in english. Then I usually turn on the PC.

Zelda Freak

A Freak who likes Zelda
Jan 18, 2009
o_O You all take off your shoes.
I don't take off my shoes until it's time to shower before bed. I like shoes. They're comfy. Bare feet annoy me.

ANYWAY! I don't go to school, but I go to work. When I come home, the first thing I do is wipe off my makeup and clean my face with sugar and lemon juice (great for exfoliating!). The second thing I do depends on what day it is: I either sit down and watch an episode of whatever came in Netflix, or I use the computer.

I hate being bare foot, as well. >_<

I go find my Japanese dictionary, and then go on the computer. I just study Japanese as a side project to keep myself ocupied. I can understand the 5 vowels in Hiragana.


nine thousand and one.
Jun 15, 2010
School seems...like forever ago. It's been over a month already since I graduated haha.

But my after school ritual, especially during senior year, went a bit like this:
Say hi to mom, head to room, throw bag on the floor, remove shoes, remove makeup, put on comfy pants, and then sleep.

I only did homework if it was absolutely necessary, like if it was for VHS AP Art History or English IV, but other than that I did everything in my ... like, three study halls.

My senior year was a total joke. Gah. It made senioritis so much worse knowing that all but two (one if you don't count online courses) of my classes were time fillers and I couldn't leave. Lots of sleeping in the library. Giant reference books are comfyyyy.

...I don't recommend doing that by the way, unless you have a pathetic senior year like I did and already have decent grades. Haha.

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