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Just went out to check out a new haircut place, and also tried a new sandwich shop while I was at it. But then when I got home there was an ambulance in front of my house.

Apparently my grandmother was struggling to breathe. Mom called paramedics and they checked on her and she seems fine now. She didn't end up going to the hospital.

But man is it scary to suddenly find an ambulance outside your home after you've been away and have no idea why.

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Jul 7, 2021
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Here’s an interesting story

So at first I was kind of upset for some reason today, and when walking along the beach I heard thunder a few times but my mom wasn’t worried because it was really bright out

But then the clouds starting getting really dark. Mom was then pretty worried. And in a surprising turn of events, the sand picked up and started blowing really hard, pelting us. I actually have a bit of a bleeding mark. Mom almost lost our bag and her car keys, but luckily we found them. We were pretty worried

We were covered in sand, but we turned out fine. After the whole ordeal was over, we started laughing really hard, because something like that came and went. I’ve never had this happen to me before so it certainly was an interesting day
It's honestly adorable how obsessed my little brother is of Link. He has two tiny chibi plushies. One is Link from botw, and the other is from wind waker. Because the ww link plush is smaller, he decided to call him 'baby link'. He takes them everywhere. To church, in the car, to bed, anywhere. He also loves to watch us play botw and other zelda games. We've been watching a lot of shar videos on repeat today, and every time Link appears he'll start smiling so big. And then he'll say in his cute toddler voice, "It's Link!" "It's Link!"

<3 <3 <3

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I was looking tbrough old stuff earlier today in our attic and I found a container of sidewalk chalk I used when I was a kid, I have lots of memories of drawing on the big concrete slab in our backyard during the spring and summer.

Anyway, I also found some mystery/thriller book called "And Then There Were None" that I don't ever remember reading. My only guess is my older sister must have got this book at somepoint, it has a sticker on the back from an old book store that used to exist in our neighborhood. It got me all nostalgic also of going to that bookstore every summer to get books for summer reading. I also remember the lady that owned the store being extremely nice, and I'm kind of sad I can't remember her name.

Definitely going to read this book now though, lol.

Besides that, I'm also thinking about buying one of those pencil extender thingys so I can continue using my fave pencil that is now a stub lol

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