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The Zelda Races Game 2

Ooccoo Watcher

Some guy with a Clawshot.
Oh well...Welcome to the gerudo tribe tsiakalos13. Let me set down some rules for you.

Rule #1: If someone on this game is bothering you, you shoot them with an arrow.
Rule #2: If someone invades our land, you shoot them with an arrow.
Rule #3: If someone invades our allies land, you shoot them with a arrow.
Rule #4: If someone bothers our ally, you shoot them with an arrow.
Rule #5: If someone is bothering a fellow Gerudo, you shoot them with an arrow.
Rule #6: If a fellow Gerudo or ally is shooting people with arrows or doing something similair, you shoot the person being shot with arrows with an arrow

Thats about it....


Shut up! Midna's the best :P
Besides, if I were a milk-drinking, horse-riding Hylian-You would be my boss! D:


I forgot my password:dry:
Now I remembered it and logged on!^^
*Warps to CB and stabs him for asking dumb questions and warps back to Twilight realm*


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Jun 30, 2010
Making Music Bruh
In this game each player chooses which race they will be, the races are:
Hylian, Gerudo, Sheikah, Zora, Goron, Deku, Twili, Kokiri
at the start of the game all of the races are against eachother, but as the game goes on the races can make/break bonds or declare war with eachother. each race will have a leader who will make final decisions on wars/friendships etc, and you can kill people of other races in wars, or become a traitor and supply to the other races. once you are dead you can create another character but it has to be a different race to the one you were killed in.

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The different races have territories in both Hyrule and Termina, you can win more territories in wars or you can offer land as a peace offering.

If you are injured 5 times you are put into Redead mode. If you are in Redead mode for 12 hours without somebody healing you you are dead and you have to start again as a different race.

Leader: SheikahWarrior
Tony Fischer

Leader: ComposerBrother

Leader: BIg Mac
Ooccoo Watcher
Fierce Deity

Leader: Zelda64

Leader: TreeHuggerPanda
Phantom Zelda

Leaders: @lex MM and Epwna

Leader: dracomajora
shadow lord


Below is a list of the items for each race:

Key- * = infinite | ^ thing ^ equals special to that race/s

*Deku nuts
^20 x Deku sticks^
3 x bows
10 x arrows
15 x forest fairies

35 x forest fairies
^10 x slingshots^
^50 x pellets (for slingshot)^
7 x knives
14 x deku sticks
67 x deku nuts
3 x bow
7 x arrows
14 x bombs

*Rocks (to throw)
^1 x Megaton Hammer^
10 x forest fairies

3 x boomerang^
^4 x bow^
^50 x arrow^
^*blue fire^
20 x forest fairy
1 x silver dog

^4 x bow^
^30 x arrow^
^1 x sol^
7 x forest fairy

3 x Daggers
3 x Knives
6 x Deku Sticks
^48 x arrow^
^7 x horses^
11 x bottle
6 x bombs
17 x forest fairy

^*deku nuts^
^35 x arrow^
^5 x spear^
^10 x horses^
15 x forest fairy

^5 x bow^
^45 x arrow^
13 x forest fairy

The abilities:

Goron Punch (Counts as a hit)
Curl up
Rolling (Access Snowhead Summit)
Can pick up anything without the use of gauntlets

Fin Slash
Fin Shield
Swim forever
Immune to Explosions/fire item attacks

Needle Storm
Disguise Themselves (Go unnoticed into enemy territory or deceive leaders and players) (format to saying your disguised: __________ becomes disguised as ___________) (Gives races with one member an advantage which balances things out)
Deku Nut (lets you teleport anywhere)
Can go anywhere unnoticed

Call a shadow beast on you (one of them per twili per time)
Twilight barrier (like a small one that fits you, no bigger)
Warp Portals(go anywhere)
Can go through walls

Call a skull kid on you (one of them per kokiri per time)
Use Deku Shield (burns up if fire touches it)
Go anywhere connected to The Lost Woods
Put anyone in stalfos mode immediately when they are in any Forest/Wood/Grass area

Duel Swords Slash
Block with duel swords
Can ride a horse
Put you in their prison (Pirate's fortress or Gerudo Valley)

Tempered Sword Slash
Use Hylian Shield
Can ride a horse.
Can’t die in any sacred location such as temples, but goes into stalfos mode and die if carried outside.

Spit Deku Seeds
Wooden Covering (burns away if hit with fire/bomb)
Underground Grottos (go anywhere as long as it has grass)
Can sell things they don’t currently own
There, it only took 20 seconds :lol:! The attacks do 1/2 hit unless told otherwise and the shields cut 1/2 of an attack. I took off the names of people who quit or didn't play these two months.
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