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The Zelda Races Game 2


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Yes. Want to help?
*stabs SW*
I'm making some new item lists. Do you want a race added?
Great because to be Honest This game is falling apart, I dont realy care that much about new races it be great tho but realy what you should add is new Items and abilitys, also there should Be like dungeon Quest's it would be awsome.


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May 13, 2010
Who the f*ck goes on the group page?!
*stabs SW*
Yes, I consider not posting or viewing a thread for a month to be ignoring!
Now, help us remake it or ignore this thread. If you don't do either, I'll de-rep/report you for your avatar.

The point of the group is for discussions/ideas, CB :dry:

This thread (I thought) was obviously unofficially closed while we're working on the new game.

Thread unofficially closed, do not post here for the game any more :dry:


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Jun 30, 2010
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Sigh. No one really checks out the group page unless we tell them to in the thread SW :dry:
You thought wrong.
I'm making the item list.
*stabs SW*

In this game each player chooses which race they will be, the races are:
Hylian, Gerudo, Sheikah, Zora, Goron, or Kokiri.
At the start of the game all of the races are against eachother, but as the game goes on the races can make/break bonds or declare war with eachother. each race will have a leader who will make final decisions on wars/friendships etc, and you can kill people of other races in wars, or become a traitor and supply to the other races. once you are dead you can create another character but it has to be a different race to the one you were killed in. In each race, there is a leader and a sage. (they must be different people, unless a race only has one person) If the sage loses all his hits, the last person to attack him gets the race's elemental medallion. If a single race manages to get all medallions, they win and claim the triforce.

The different races have territories in both Hyrule and Termina, you can win more territories in wars or you can offer land as a peace offering.

If you are injured 5 times you are put into Redead mode. If you are in Redead mode for 12 hours without somebody healing you you are dead and you have to start again as a different race.

Leader: SheikahWarrior

Leader: ComposerBrother

Leader: BIg Mac
Ooccoo Watcher
Fierce Deity

Leader: TreeHuggerPanda

Leaders: @lex MM

Leaders: Kokirion

Below is a list of the items for each race:

Key- * = infinite |

*Slinghots and pellets
5x sword
20x forest fairies
14x daggers
14x deku sticks

*Megaton Hammer
20x Bombs
8x fairies
13x daggers
2x swords

*Boomerangs (grabs objects from afar)
5x Bombs
15x fairies
4x bow
50x arrows
10x swords

*Bow and Arrow
5x Sword
4x Bombs
10x Fairies
3x Daggers
10x Bottles

5x Sword
15x fairies
5x bow
50x arrow
10x Bombs

5 Swords
10 Daggers
5 Bows with 50 arrows each
10 fairies
2 bottles
The abilities:

Goron Punch (Counts as a hit)
Curl up
Rolling (Access Snowhead Summit)
Can pick up anything without the use of gauntlets

Fin Slash
Fin Shield
Swim forever
Immune to Explosions/fire item attacks

Needle Storm
Disguise Themselves (Go unnoticed into enemy territory or deceive leaders and players) (format to saying your disguised: __________ becomes disguised as ___________) (Gives races with one member an advantage which balances things out)
Deku Nut (lets you teleport anywhere)
Can go anywhere unnoticed

Call a skull kid on you (one of them per kokiri per time)
Use Deku Shield (burns up if fire touches it)
Go anywhere connected to The Lost Woods
Put anyone in stalfos mode immediately when they are in any Forest/Wood/Grass area

Duel Swords Slash
Block with duel swords
Can ride a horse
Put you in their prison (Pirate's fortress or Gerudo Valley)

Tempered Sword Slash
Use Hylian Shield
Can ride a horse.
Can’t die in any sacred location such as temples, but goes into stalfos mode and die if carried outside.

How about this SW?
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BIg Mac

I still check the group page,,, are you calling me a nobody?!? -.-
And btw Im loyal to SW :D if you guys do a new Zelda races without her approval I might not play it


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Jun 30, 2010
Making Music Bruh
Okay, I'm officially reviving this thread once more to its former glory!
*Uses the Triforce to revive the Zelda Races Game 2*
Now, back to business...
New Game! Every alliance is broken! All wars are finished! Every race's items are replenished! Anyone new can join!

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