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The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
I saw some articles about it. Apparently it was on the eshop but was removed. The developer is aware and they are trying to get it back on the eshop

Hyrulian Hero

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Oct 6, 2016
Lame. Not as lame as I'd figured but still lame. Illumination's CG is boring, their animation is lazy, they feel cheap and overproduced all at the same time. This movie looks like their best work yet visually and it still smells of Illumination. Dispise Jack Black. He's not the absolute worst actor but he comes off like he's much more talented than he is or ever was. As soon as Bowser walked out, looking all hardcore, I told my wife, "Aaand they undercut it with a joke." *cue anticlimactic snowball tossing* I'm so sick of the self-aware, mcu-pith, disingenuous dreck Hollywood's been feeding us for the past score of years. The Super Mario Bros movie will make money and probably won't be utter trash but it's obviously aimed at the lowest common denominator.

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