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The Next Zelda Game

Jun 24, 2011
Assuming you prescribe to Nintendo's "official" timeline, Where would you like the next game to appear. I have three that come to mind.

1. In between Skyward Sword and Minish Cap: Hero of Men story.

2. In between Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventures. Its a very odd placement and deserves a proper explanation.

3. A sequel to Adventure of Link. It doesn't have to be a direct sequel, but it would be nice to see what happens to Hyrule after the original legend.

Anyway thats what I think. But what do you think?


birb overlord
Sep 16, 2011
I honestly would love to see a prequel to Twilight Princess. There are many who dislike TP for it's empty overworld, and the story towards the end, and though I agree with them to a point, I love Twilight Princess. There doesn't even have to be the same characters, just something... to do with it. I don't know... :)


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
With the official timeline being released, my hopes for a game going in-between TP and ALttP depicting the Imprisoning War are crushed. That was the story I was wanting. It would have been a nice follow-up to the highly ambiguous "death" of Ganondorf in TP. But, oh, well.

I don't really care what the story is, I just expect the game to outdo SS and become the NEW new best Zelda game. (And for the graphics to be a mix of OoT/MM and TP.)


Jun 22, 2011
Personally I want to see a cel-shaded Epona. Would that be a prequel to Wind Waker before the flood, or would that not make sense at all because the backstory is about how the hero never showed up? Let's just say sequel to Spirit Tracks but carry nothing over from that game other than the cel-shaded graphics to play it safe.


Fulcrum Agent
Feb 14, 2010
My hopes? More elaboration on a possible split timeline in SS. I know some people have said that Nintendo should have seen that, but who says they didn't? Who says that they couldn't put a future title in this other timeline? In the other timeline, Demise is defeated in the past, but Ghirahim, assuming he is alive then of course, which I'm pretty sure he is, is still alive, meaning that there are a whole bunch of possibilities..........

On the downside, that would make the Zelda timeline even more convoluted than before.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Ive said this many times before (perhaps too many), but a game featuring the HCW. At this time the tribes didnt trust each other so your hero (possibly the hero of time's father??) could have to go around and gain the trust of the tribes. Plus it could lead to some stealth missions, and lead directly up to the birth of the hero of time

Also id like to see a follow up to spirit tracks. Except this time, make it an actual good console title. Have it placed on a different part of new Hyrule, and ditch the gimmicks (trains, seas and ghost ships, etc.) I want to see a brand new story in a brand new area


On my Zeldathon Quest
Dec 31, 2011
I want to see another game like SS but just longer with a better overworld, and the same motion controls but a different art style maybe cel shaded. I know I love the motion controls they're great! However I want a longer game I'm pretty sure that SS may be the shortest Zelda game (judging by the thin strategy guide, I haven't played it all the way so no spoilers) so we need more in our game like in OoT. I just can't wait for HD Zelda!!!
Jun 24, 2011
With the official timeline being released, my hopes for a game going in-between TP and ALttP depicting the Imprisoning War are crushed.

I feel your pain... I always thought ALttP came after TP, but with the official timeline being released its only a memory now.
Feb 5, 2011
My picks:

1. The Hero of Men story, I keep thinking that the Hero of Men is the Link of Skyward Sword since the woman in the glass picture wears Zelda's white gown in Skyward Sword. Of course one would say this is impossible given The Minish Cap was released years before Skyward Sword, but given many who worked on Minish Cap worked on Skyward Sword, I'd like to think it was more than a coincidence. Oh and I think this story could be the tale of the other demons/dark interlopers/dark tribe.

2. The resurrection of Vaati between The Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time that made him want a bride as much as he wants power.

3. The second birth of Ganon after Twilight Princess that presumably restored ties between the Gerudo and the rest of Hyrule by Four Swords Adventures.

4. Something after Four Swords Adventures, the idea of Ganon being in a sword leads to some potential, including that evil knight character I keep wanting Nintendo to use in something other than Fire Emblem.


Superficies Rex
Sep 18, 2011
Well, I'm thinking the Adult timeline is a bit bare, but you can' do much over there that is worth anything, you can't have it set in original Hyrule, because it's flooded and will be just like WW. Hopefully they can do something over there, they probably have it planned, but as of now, it looks irretrievable.


Hero of the Zora
Nov 5, 2010
I would very much like to see a game in the very bare time span in between majora's mask and twilight princess. I really want Nintendo to have an absolutely amazing gimmick in the game, that doesn't come off as a gimmick at all. Just extremely innovative stuff, like stealth missions and maybe some sort of transformation could return. That would be my ideal Zelda game.

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