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Game Thread The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3

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Jun 15, 2020
Day 8.png
Enough is Enough: The Jackal Must Be Stopped
By Robbie Robertson

We've lost two more reporters today. Peter Parker (the one that takes half as many photos) and Angela Yin have both been killed during the night.

Once again, we've been blocked, weakened, and killed (killed twice in a single night this time, in fact). Only Spiderman has taken a stand to try to protect us, but it is ultimately no use given that it's impossible to protect the weakened. Luckily, we've still got a pretty healthy reserve of reporters remaining, we won't let some costumed thugs stop us from writing our paper.

While the Daily Bugle is not capable of physically fighting those who threaten it, the pen is certainly mightier than the sword. This is our attempt to make sense of what is going on and hopefully bring to light some weakness about the Jackal. The fact that they are trying to kill us must mean that they also fear us.

Our motivation here at the Daily Bugle is to make sense of what is going on with the clone business and post a front page story about it. We figured it was probably useless since we already know who the Jackal is, but is he REALLY the Jackal or yet another clone? Perhaps there's purpose in achieving this motivation. So this is our first, and hopefully last, attempt to get those details right.

Lets start by looking at all the players still kicking:

15377 is the Scarlet Spider, he's Scarlet-Aligned and wants for the real Spider-Man to win.

Rubik is the Daily Bugle, a town-aligned newspaper that stands a reasonable shot at getting to the bottom of all this.

Storm is Spiderman. He's a clone, but he appears to be sort of a pseudo-Spiderman. He's the idea of Spiderman more than anything.

Silverfish is perhaps the most real Spiderman we've got. Sure, it's possible he's not the genuine article considering he was confirmed by "Daredevil"/Tevish who was being tricked by the Traveler, but at this point we don't really have a better Spider-Man candidate and the only person who could have proven it any more certainly might already be dead. He is the Amazing Spider-Man and Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are more than happy to make him more Amazing as his fellow Spidermen have been revealed as clones.

Aaarrrgh is a Spiderman clone who was killed Day 6 by The Other and is known as the Web of Spiderman. He was revived Night 6, likely by SMS who most likely has tried to enlist him into his evil clone army, though it's possible his return was unrelated.

Freddeh is Norman Osborn, and likely also the Green Goblin. He wants to see Spiderman lose and has a secret agenda, but he also seems to have a beef with the mafia.

"Captan Lunch was originally Lynched Day 1 as Mafia Aligned Spidercide, but he came back to life Day 2, only to be Exiled shortly thereafter! Then, on Day 4, Traveller brought him back from exile!" There's not much more that can be said about him other than that he's hard to keep down, currently, much like a bad lunch.

Ragnarokio was Town-Aligned Doctor Octopus, then Mafia-Aligned Lady Octopus. Now her identity is ambiguous, but I hope she's Doctor Octopus and willing to help us defeat the Jackal.

Spiritual Mask Salesman was Lynched Day 7 as The Mafia-Aligned Jackal, but he Regenerated. Is he really the Jackal, though? Whoever we lynch will likely just be another clone of the mastermind behind the cloning incident, the Jackal. We need to kill the real Jackal if we're going to put a stop to his reign of terror.

Hapi is the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman, yet another clone. She started out as a fusion of Captain Universe and Spiderman.

Tevish Szat is allegedly the Moon Knight and was formerly tricked into thinking he was Daredevil by the late Traveller.

"Paranoid King was Lynched Day 2 as The Goblin-Aligned Brotherhood of Scrier, but he came back to life on Day 3"

Killjoy is Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, yet another Spider-Man clone. He is supposedly a threat to the town, which likely makes him part of the Jackal's clone army.

As for our exiled players:

Skystone is the Spectacular Spider-Man, yet another clone.
"KingofDominaria was Scarle-Aligned Kaine, a.k.a. the Scarlet Spider; he was Exiled on Day 6 after becoming The Other, never to return"

And as for the dead:

Doc was Town Aligned Doctor Seward Trainer; he was killed Day 1 by Gaunt. He was likely one of the few people who could have unraveled a lot of these mysteries and one of the few people who could have helped us give Jackal a chance at redemption, if such a thing was possible, by giving us a way to clone Gwen Stacy, who the Jackal (or at least his clone) loved.

"Poyzin was Killed Night 1 as Mafia Aligned Spider-Carnage; but he was resurrected by Traveller Day 4, only to be Lynched hours later!"

Duskyblue was Spider-Aligned Peter Parker; he was killed Night 4 by Gaunt. He is yet another Spider-Man clone, and one of our best contributors.

"Asfinyti died unceremoniously Night 4, leaving nary even a body behind; he was a Self-Aligned clone of Spider-Man"

"Morbid Minish was Town Aligned Gwen Stacy; she was killed Night 5 by The Other!"

The Sun Fan died unceremoniously Night 5, leaving nary even a body behind; he was a Self Aligned clone of Spider-Man known as the Sensational Spider-Man.

funnier6 was Traveller Aligned Judas Traveller. He was killed Day 6 by The Other. His death caused many illusions in the game state to be broken.

ExLight was Town Aligned Curt Connors, who could have become the Lizard. He was killed Day 6 by The Other. He had the potential to get samples of clones, but couldn't take advantage of them with Seward Trainer dead.

"Mellow Ezlo was Town Aligned Mary-Jane Watson-Parker; they were ModKilled for inactivity at the end of Night 6"

It's 3 am and there's really not much more I can say. Everything is a mess, but we have a general idea of who everyone is and who everyone was.

We've already revealed in the past what each motivation in the game mean, which gives the why behind a lot of what is going on. Right now the Jackal has lost all hope for winning with town not that Gwen is dead and both the people who could have helped clone a new one of her are dead.

Freddeh (Norman Osborn) and his Goblin friends seem threatened by our paper, which means they're likely a threat to the Town. Two nights ago I was roleblocked with the Goblin's Smoke Bombs and hit with a death threat from Cackling Laughter, though he might not have been responsible for the weakening and kill that hit me both nights.

The Scarlet-Aligned players seem to be allies of town. Should Spider-Man be turned bad somehow, I assume Scarlet-Aligned would be replaced by Goblin-Aligned as far as who is town's ally.

Daily Bugle Logo.png
Page 3
Bugle Mailbag
DISCLAIMER: The below claims may or may not be true! The Daily Bugle can't vouch for any hearsay from its readers, though we appreciate your enthusiasm!

Scrier said:
Breaking news!

A team has been demolishing the orphanage downtown, as it was "too crowded" and "a public nuisance". Our reporter on the scene says that "The operation was a smashing success!"

Renowned businessman and local leader, public legend and probable hero, Norman Osborn, took a 30-minute lunch break yesterday.

Wheelmobiles, inc. just sent out a recall on all vehicles made between 10/22/01 and 10/24/01, due to a defect in the braking mechanisms

Spiderman seen eating free hotdogs at local stand. Our reporters suspect that he is completely broke.

The city's downtown brook is running as normal, no problems reported

This has been Scrier with the breaking news. Tune in next time for more useless information.
Dear Scrier,

I'm not sure I buy Osborn being a public legend, but I do get the feeling Spiderman wouldn't be above grabbing a free hot dog.


I came for that free advertising. Coming soon to an NGA near you - Pinky Promise: A Mafia of Faith and Betrayal
Dear anonymous,

You'll pay for this advertising one way or another.


Daily Bugle Logo.png
Page 5
Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

I've put all my energy into the main story today. Please send more info about that nature of what is going on if this isn't enough to fulfill my motivation.

This may be our only hope to defeat that Jackal.

Thanks for reading,

Robbie Robertson
Contact Us

Daily Bugle Logo.png
Page 5
Puppy Corner


After consulting with our staff and psychological professionals, we've decided that puppies were an appropriate means of helping people process this mafia game in a healthy way.

Daily Bugle Logo.png
Page 6
Daily Funny

Jun 15, 2020
This Day was sure over quick, what with a new (or is it old?) Green Goblin stepping in to drop majority with a few kills and then swing a quick Lynch with orchestrated votes from the peanut gallery. Leave it to someone, anyone, in that mask, to show up at the worst possible time when you're busy trying to fight the Jackal and take advantage of kicking a Spider when he's already down. Alright fine. Whoever it is that decided this was the day of all days to resurrect the dead and pick a fight, you pissed off the wrong Spider-Man!

Goblin Bad Guy.jpg
Yeah, we never believed he was a good guy either...

Unfortunately, innocent bystanders always get caught in the cross-fire when Goblins and Spiders fight, and this time that bystander is Joseph "Robbie" Robertson, but not before he had time to finish one last story for his newspaper. His final epitaph, as it were.

DAY 8: Final Vote Count

Rubik (5): Paranoid King, The Green Goblin, Killjoy, The Jackal, Freddeh
Killjoy (2): Silverfish, Freddeh, Spider-Man
Spiritual Mask Salesman (2): Ragnarokio, Silverfish

With 5 votes against him, Rubik reached his Threshold and has been Lynched. But killing an institution is easier said than done, and it just so happens Rubik is a whole team of people in this game. Rubik remains in the Active player pool, except his team is one Robbie Robertson lighter.

Not Voting (5): Rubik, Spiritual Mask Salesman, Tevish Szat, 15377, Aaarrrgh

With 13 available votes, it takes 7 votes to reach a Majority. Rubik was at Majority -2 when he was Lynched.

It is now Night 8. The Night 8 Deadline is set for August 19th at 11:00 PM EST. Click here for an accurate countdown.

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Jun 26, 2020
Jun 25, 2020
I mean if you want some money Moonie I just might have some lying around with your name on it....;)
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