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Stupid Little Things

In ST, during the Tower of Spirits when Link and Zelda first met Anjean, Zelda looks at Link with a death stare and each time she has something new to say, she gets closer to Link and makes some angry noises. I always thought this was funny since it showed how desperate she wants her body back.
Yes, I love how Zelda shows as much emotion as Toon Link. ^ -^


I'm going to death mountain to see what that big goron is all about la dee da dee da. I wonder whats in this hole ......... why is there a cow under ground here. screw it i guess i'll get some milk


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Oct 17, 2007
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I liked the cow switches in OoT: MQ. I especially liked the one that went up a little every time you hit it, and you had to hit it three times in order to activate it. I think it was in Jabu-Jabu's belly, but I'm not sure.

They were very... a-moo-sing. :)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cow heads in jabu jabus mouth. Seriously who comes up with such a weird idea :P

Anyway, one of my favorite 'stupid things' is Salvatores epic storytelling before you start with his 'mini game for kids in windfall'. He tries so hard to make his story very realistic and epic with his cardboard cutouts. That scene and when he shouts 'KABOOM!!!....SPLASH...' always makes me laugh.

I also like the guy from the Star game a lot. He thinks his game is impossible to beat and when Link beats the game he is totally surprised. When you want to play the next Star game he is like: "Not you again?!" but in a more subtle way. It is so useless, but so funny :xd:


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Jan 30, 2010
I liked flying with the cuccos in Spirit Tracks to get to all the rooftops and get the treasure. I also loved boomeranging the phantoms and watching thm turn around and go: huh? In Twilight Princess I loved the cats and dogs wondering around. :cat: :dog: But the best thing of all was the dolphins in ST, when they jump out of the water it is really cute. :)

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Mar 21, 2010
I am playing A Link to the Past with my group, and I noticed this time that when you first come across flute boy in the light world, he's playing his flute for various kinds of animals and birds - including a turkey or ostrich or something (hard to say with the 2D sprite). I don't know why the presence of that large bird made me laugh so hard, but I really liked its inclusion.

Also, I can't find the exact wording, but I was reading the instructions for sumo in Mayor Bo's house. The first two have normal instructions about the maneuvers you can use. The last says something to the effect of, "Raise your leg and stomp your foot. It's very manly." Again, laughing ensued.


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Aug 7, 2010
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Lets see

I love all of link's expressions in TWW.

The animals in TP were awesome imo.

I loved how Zelda acted during ST cutsceens.:lol:

I absolutely love the signs in zelda games.

Out of all of them however my absolute favorite little thing in Zelda would have to be when in TWW you smacked the Miniblins with the Skull hammer and they would either go flying to the side or be squised into a pancake :xd:. I love that.

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Feb 16, 2010
I love in TP how you can talk to animals. I found it so amusing that the animals didn't notice that Link was an oddly-colored, blue-eyed wolf, with a TWILI IMP on his back.
They never once said a thing about Midna! (Exept for Louise, but that doesn't count. <X3) I mean, wouldn't that be the FIRST thing you notice? Oh well.

Another adorable moment was in TP when you were a wolf and went and talked to Agitha outside and she was all, "Awww, a puppy!" That made me smile.

Also, how Makar in WW JINGLES when he walks! Oh my gosh it's like the cutest thing ever. I would seriously just run around the Wind Temple for a few extra minutes just to hear his little walk.
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Feb 6, 2008
ok where to begin... on of my favorite things was WW link's face right before the pirates shot him to the forsaken fortress

when link get's "engaged" to princess Ruto, he doesn't even know what that means, and Ruto says, "Don't Tell my father"

waking up Talon with a Cucu

Ingo freaking out when you beat him in the horse race

beating minigames =)

talking to people with different masks in both MM and OoT

catching a fish in any zelda game

My favorite: getting a new item (Da da da daaaaa!)
Jul 4, 2010
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i really liked in TP how if you tap A after you kill an enemy with a hidden skill, link will sheathe his sword like he just beat a boss, that made me smile =). i also really liked how you could pick up pieces of a sign ater it had been cut, for some reason i always really like that.

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