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Stupid Little Things

Feb 6, 2008
oh i remembered another one

cutting a sign into pieces and putting it back together with the ocarina XD
oh and the thing that really made me laugh, is in MM when you pick up the ocarina as a Deku shrub and you try to play it and its the Deku pipes! that surprised me big time!


On a rocketship to Mars!
Aug 10, 2010
I love in TP how when you talk to Epona as a wolf and she tells you that she still understands you and that she wants you to turn back into your true form. I had a major rush of affection for her. :)

Also, in LA, you know when Marin follows you around? Normally, when you attack the Cuccos, she's all "No! Poor hen!" but sometimes, she'll randomly be like "KILL IT! C'MON!! Oh, um..." :mellow:


Jul 26, 2010
I love all the little Kitties in TP. They are so adorable!

I also like it when you shoot Malo in the face with a sling shot. WHIPLASH.
Oct 17, 2009
My favorite little thing is the baby goron that has a shop in Kakariko Village in Twilight Princess. He is so cute that when i first talked to him I couldn't resist NOT buying anything, even though i didn't need anything he sold. I bought the milk.


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Aug 3, 2010
Somewhere over the Rainbow
In WW the little kid who never agnologes (spelling?) the snot coming out of his nose, or when you go to the pig peoples house later and they say the pigs were delicious and they named the last one after you... hoped that wasn't a sign... ;)
Oct 2, 2010
Faron Woods
The first time I enter the Ikana throne room in MM I put on the Captains Hat which triggers a very funny cutscene. I found that easter egg not knowing that you didnt have to wear the mask at that point. It was rather funny.

Another thing I love is found in TP. When Link is close to any cat or dog, they'll follow you and if you grab one, Link will hug it so tenderly. I thought it was a rather nice touch.


Oct 4, 2010
In TP remember when you get the wooden sword, and the kids tell you to use a spin attack? Well by some mistake I accidently used a spin attack on them and they ducked.O.O'
Feb 6, 2008
In OoT (and MM I think too), the fact that the Gossip Stones do different things depending on what you hit them with.

haha i think i used ever item on the gossip stones XD

i think its funny how you can stun one of the gerudo gaurds and when they are unstunned they just keep walking around like nothing happened


I love the fact that you can pick up and carry the small animals in Ordon.
I wasted so much time in TP just walking around with the cat, and occasionally the dog.
I loved that too!!! Haha. :D

I also liked it that when you slashed at the kids (I forget the names. :/ ) In TP. They would dodge your sword all pro-like. Haha.

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