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  • Hey there VembersWind!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:
    Yeah. Maybe I'll go and skip Homecoming, but it's my first one. I guess it depends on if I'm dating someone or not. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you liked it!:)
    I saw them in concert last year. Very fun! Sign-ups are over, but there are 2 chapters done. It's called The Adventure of Damera.
    Hey Vember! It's been a while! I never realized how A7X'd your profile was:P I was so close to finishing Of Wolf and Man, but now I've begun work on a new project.
    I looked up a lot of the SS stuff from this year's E3 and I'm REALLY impressed! I can't wait for that game! The only thing I'm a little concerned about is that it seems as if the fighting is going to be much more difficult. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it'll probably take me a little while lol.

    I thought the Wii U looked pretty awesome too! What did you think of it?
    I didn't get a chance to see it:(. Would you mind filling me in a little bit if it's not too much trouble?

    Yeah they DEFINITELY do... That could be in part because the Rev died (RIP). We did this band before Nightmare came out, so I never played any of it. My boyfriend and I were thinking about starting it back up again and including Nightmare though because we really love that album. My boyfriend plays guitar and sings, and we kind of take turns doing Zacky and Syn's parts.
    I'm great! Thank you for accepting:). How are u?
    By the way, I see you like a7x lol. Great band! I played guitar in an a7x tribute band for awhile:)
    No more breath inside,
    Essence left my heart tonight...

    That pair of lines alone made sure Avenged Sevenfold has a special place in my heart. It's difficult to find a band that can write like that, with beautiful masterpieces such as I Won't See You Tonight, and fun ones like A Little Piece of Heaven.

    Forgive me, I know we'd never met before, but I saw your avatar and had to shout out to a fellow metal lover.
    Yeah. I know, sunburn sucks. It felt like my whole face was peeling off =.=
    Sorry for the late reply, i've had a few assignments to do. So how've you been?
    Aww, I hope you get better soon, anyway I have been sunburnt because all the holidays i've basially been outside... (damn the outdoors...) :bleh:
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