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So what did you get for Christmas?

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The three games I will play once I finish my BotW/AoC replays. Gonna start with Bayo, then do Nier, then Persona.


Feel like a kid again lol. I was thinking of buying myself more legos for a while now. The Mandalorian one I got cuz the Naboo starfighter was always my favorite ship in the franchise. The Obi-Wan one just cuz I also wanted a more moderately sized one. The Ahsoka vs Maul one I got literally just cuz I wanted the Ahsoka figure since she's my favorite character in the franchise. So I got my favorite ship, my favorite character, and some fun extras.


Got a new crock pot to replace the old one I had. The previous one was a christmas present two years ago and it broke after using it literally twice. :dry: hopefully I can get good mileage out of this one.

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I consider the gaming laptop I bought on black friday my christmas gift for myself.

Besides that, my family gave me some money because they didn't know what to get me. Since I've been sick I haven't been able to go shopping. I did get Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War from GoG because they were 80% off for their holiday sale. Even though I have Witcher 3 on Switch it was on sale on GoG too and since the next gen update was free, I decided it'd be a worthwhile purchase, especially since yoy can cross save between PC and Switch. That was all so far.

When I can go shopping all I really plan to buy is some clothes, and I was thinking about getting one of those porcelin paint palettes because I've heard they are better for gouache paint to stop the paint from beading, which is an issue I have when I use my plastic palette.


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From my dad, I got some Transformers figures plus a t-shirt with G1 Megatron on it.
From my sister, I got a figure of Uraraka that's actually really high quality. Her suit was textured and everything.
My mom's gift was actually really surprising (and also my favorite). She got me some markers, a demon slayer coloring book, and some demon slayer stickers and knockoff Lego figures. I wasn't expecting that since she despises anime, but it also came with these notes-
And that really meant a lot to me . This was a really awesome Christmas!

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