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Skyward Sword Smash Bros. Course


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Mar 16, 2012
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For stages, I would like to have Skyloft & the spiral where you fought Imprisoned as a stage. I hope they make the stages more 3D then linear this time. I'm also hoping for a story mode stage that has one of the temples in it.
SS Link could have a smash attack where he uses the 3 triforce pieces to KO his other 3 opponents, making each triforce have a special ability. Courage could have vines come out from the sides, & drag the opponent off screen to KO. Wisdome could flood the stage & have currents wash away opponets. Power can have a volcano sprout on the stage & erupt, KOing everyone execpt Link. His taunt could be the "you got the triforce" pose with the music.
SS Zelda could have a smash attack where she send her bird out & dives at opponents to KO them. Her taunt could be her strumming the harp in her hands.
I feel like Ghirahim, Impa, & Groose should be in the game too, but I havent thought of what they'd do yet.


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Jan 9, 2012
I think the Isle of Songs and the puzzle island next to it would make a great stage. You could hit the puzzle to move platforms on and off the screen. The dragons and Levias could fly in the background and the Song of the Hero could play. And to the person above, I believe Groose and his Groosenator would be greatly suited as an assist trophy.
Oct 20, 2007
Something based off of the time travel mechanic in the Lanayru Desert would be pretty cool. The stage would transform as the match went on, sort of like the Brinstar stages.

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Mar 23, 2012
Riverside, CA
I really want to see Ghirahim as a character in the new SSB. His taunts I'd imagine, would be amazing.

I know I'm going into what other people have said about Debbie before the release of Skyward Sword or before we were revealed the true nature of Ghirahim, but don't you mean fabulous?


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Jun 18, 2010
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What will probably appear: Skyloft (variations in floating platforms of different heights may make this stage very vertical).

What I'd like to appear: Faron Woods that floods sometimes (pretty self-explanatory).

Maybe the sky overworld, with individual islands as platforms and gusts of wind and tornadoes as stage hazards.


I personally see the Temple of Time where Ghirahim fought Impa as the stage Nintendo would choose as a follow-up to the Bridge of Eldin stage in SSBB. Maybe they'll make Ghirahim and Impa playable characters! :D
Apr 3, 2012
yes i hope so.......................i hope Masahiro Sakurai does the perfect game especially with the accomplishment of kid icarus uprising

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