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  • I agree that it was fantastic :) I went on the Friday night with premium seating near the middle in the front row of the second section up which was perfect :) I also went back on Saturday at the early session to meet up with a few online friends from another-castle.com forums (mostly aussie Nintendo fans) and it was just as fantastic :) On the Friday night after the show I stuck around the Oprea House and met the conductor and had a chat :) I thought I was the only one from ZD there.
    Hey, I just noticed that you are from Sydney too :) Did you see the Zelda Symphony?
    Hey Ariel, I think you should see this the next time you come online. I thought it was important you should know this was going on.
    I think they moved that thread into the Trash subforum where no one can access it...

    But you'd need to ask a moderator for more details.
    Hey there. Just wanted to say "what's up". Haven't seen you active in a while.
    Happy 4th of july!
    I highly suggest you read it. If you're interested in modern Cosmology, insight into what 'banged' at the beginning of the Big Bang, how the universe could have arisen from noghing; as well as scientific implications for the anthropic, then you should read it. It's not written by some average joe with a Ph.D. either. Lawrence Krauss is a world reknown and highly respected physicist.

    In the meantime, here's the famous lecture given by Krauss that inspired the book. It's very interesting:

    Lol. I actually just finished reading it about two weeks ago :). And you're right, it's up my alley; I really enjoyed it. Thank you anyways! I assume you read it too; did you like it?
    Quite the brain battle we have going on there... ;)
    Much of what I said were for other closeted 7s that are too afraid to come out.
    Hey, I just want to say you're doing an excellent job of keeping things straight and calm in the Evolution/Creation thread. :)
    Okay let me try yo clear things up you left a coment on a thread what about a law in the bible on rape their is.
    Their is a law in the bible about rape I forgot where it is but you can google it. And about fresh water and salt water dont mix well its a parable take fresh water. Nestle, auqafina, whatever and drink it takes the thirst away ,.drink salt water it will just make you more thirtsy, it basically says good dont hang around the bad.
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