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SKA Music

Sep 7, 2010
so out of curiosity does anyone else here listen to ska music??
some examples:
reel big fish
streetlight manifesto
big d and the kids table

really its an awesome type of music
like if you listen to it on a sunny day like it makes the day seem better =]
its an all around happy type of music
one of my friends has a ska band and they put on some of the best shows were i like

so here's my question.
do you listen to ska? if so name a few bands you listen to


didn't build that
Back in my mid-teen years, I loved ska-punk and pop-punk (as well as regular punk like the classic Sex Pistols, but I didn't listen to much of it, sadly >_< ). I was introduced to most of the ska bands I liked through the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games...hell, they were responsible for introducing me to most of the music I liked for a few years.

Less Than Jake was on the top of my list, mainly for their album "Losing Streak." It just blew me away when I heard it, because it was packed with catchy melodies that never really get old. About 10 years after I discovered this band, I still give their music a spin pretty regularly even though the genre doesn't appeal to me as it once did. This song really takes me back:

Goldfinger is also great. My first (and favorite) Goldfinger song is "Superman," which is a definite ska song, though they also did some angry punk songs on Stomping Ground which I liked.

Finally, there were The Suicide Machines. I actually don't remember any of their songs specifically, but they were fun to listen to.
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Sep 7, 2010
sex pistols i find are overrated, but if you like em thats cool.
and YES! less than jake i forgot about them sadly
they are awesome i seen them live and they were pretty sweet.
goldfinger i dont mind every once in a while i liked their version of "99 red balloons"
and thank goodness for good video game soundtracks lol


Ska music? I don't listen to much, but at parties it's really fun.
Is Less Than Jake a ska band? If so, I loove ska music. I have GNV FLA, I enjoy listening to it from time to time :3

Although I tend to prefer other genres, Ska is really fun. I can't say I've heard different styles but I just love the variety of instrument a ska band can throw ^.^
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is climbin' in yo windows
Jul 12, 2010
San Antonio
I was obsessed with Streetlight Manifesto for a while. :)
Something about ska is just catchy and hardcore all at once and I find it very appealing. I've noticed that a lot of the vocals are a sort of punk growl thing, which is meh, but I really love the instrumental breaks in ska music. They're upbeat and versatile and a lot of fun.
I actually played in a ska group for a talent show, but it was just a one time thing.
I very much like ska music, but I prefer other genres. From the little I've heard I like Big D and the Kids Table as well, but overall I'm not very well versed on ska music :/
Sep 7, 2010
you should get more into ska thegreen
like honestly probabaly the happiest music ever. check some more of it out
sublime is amazing sadly i wish that bradly from sublime was still around.
sublime with rome is pretty good not the same tho

Link V

Tommorow belongs to us...
I DO like Ska however but not as much as
Hardcore Punk
(The Germs, Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, Bad Brains, black flag, minor threat etc.)
(Rancid, Sum-41, blink-182, Rise Against)
(The Sex pistols, Uk Subs, the ramones, stiff little fingers)
Oi! punk
(The adicts, Flipper, etc.)
(DRI etc.)
AND Then ska after that.
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and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
Ska, always makes one of the best lives shows no matter who is playing. The genre is just great to see in a venue.

I was also first introduced to the style with Reel Big Fish, thought they were good. Then I learned that they were the considered one of the lowest in the ska totem pole. And maybe a little too mainstream-y sounding. I also liked Goldfinger and Less Than Jake, although it was the Science of Selling yourself short that I really got into them.

But I have listened to a lot.
Catch 22
Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Specials (have to respect possibly one of the very first)
English Beat
Early days of No Doubt (check their first self titled album)
Red Session
Bruce Lee Band
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Aug 11, 2010
Beyond the sea.
Heh, if Streetlight, Reel Big Fish, Big D, and the Aquabats are ska, then I love ska. :3 Four of my very favorite bands. But I don't listen to much beyond them. I've experimented with some other bands, and I've listened to ska radio before, and I've just been offput by the reggae-sounding bands. I suppose I'm more into ska-punk, if that's the case. It's such an upbeat genre. Everyone should give it a try.


Oh, so this is Ska? Yep, I like it then. :D I was introduced to it by Tony Hawk's games as well, and those few songs that were listed on those games are some of my very favorites. I really liked The Clash, Rancid, and if I was able to find some more of the other bands' work, I'm sure I would definitely like them as well.
Feb 19, 2010
I used to be really into Ska. There are some bands that I still love today. The Specials are, to me, everything a Ska band should be.

This performance is fantastic!

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i basically live for ska.
it's so rad to find people who play zelda, and also like good music.
good ska?
streetrlight, aquabats, rbf, op ivy, five iron frenzy, voodoo glow skulls, left alone (kinda), a million ernies, the specials, mustard plug, fatter than albert, suicide machines, the toasters....
that's just a few of my favs.
don't even get me started on punk.

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