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Saddest Zelda Scene


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Dec 29, 2008
The end of Tp.
I thought it was a joke, honestly.
That Link or Zelda would find some way to fix the mirror or something and everything would be alright. It was just sad. Because when you play a videogame till the end, you get attached to it's characters. Or at least I do.
And yes, this scene made me cry. More so the fact that I had beaten the game. The sense of achievement and that it was one of my favorite games ever, made me choke up more than anything. Still, it was a sad scene anyways.
Jan 3, 2009
OoT end. I liked Navi's shoutings. They weren't annoying. They were breaking up the silence in the not so adventuresome parts of the game. They shouted sidequest. They yelled direction. They-- Okay I'm sounding like an idiot. I missed Navi just as Link did. The only thing I would've done different was get another horse besides epona, then give it back to Malon saying that she might be developing alzheimer's because she already forgot what "your dear, beloved Epona" looks like.


I think the scene in MM where link finds the scull kids drawing is the sadest. But zelda in genaral usualy is sad

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