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They call me Ammi
Oct 16, 2011
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I found you.

Did you check out the signature or notice the fact that okami was both of our profile selections? It's cause were the same person ya' mudkip! -lol-

But versus using megaknuckles as my name for my ZD account I decided to go with a LOZ themed name hence purple rupee aka Megaknuckles =D. As far as the second part of the name Mega-Knuckles, that is also just something themed with the site. Sonic was the big ticket item at the time of the creation of my account on that site, hence "Mega" being my own personal twist on an oldie if you will.

So please point that high powered perception at yourself! Punch is a drink ya' phony! jk -lol-

10/10 because I do however appreciate the song. =D

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