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  • Well, I was going to be specially trained my parenrs pulked me out to do a science project. Never got ne the stuff to do it. Then the last two years they've found reasons to keep ne from wrestling
    Seventh. Like I said, this was my first year. Last practice of the season, we had a couple of JV guys come in and show us some stuff, and they didn't break a sweat during warm ups... I've heard some horror stories about the conditioning in high schools. Is it that bad?
    Wow... There are rarely any tournaments in the area for me, and the only time I can wrestle in the off season is at a summer camp. I'm a heavy weight, so singles don't really work well. I prefer a headlock over anything, and if that fails, then I fake dropping for a single, so the other guy drops as well, then just shove the guy's head down. This works well in modified, so... yeah. How's life?
    You wrestle? Cool! This past season was my first year of wrestling, and I'm proud to say I OWNED my weight class... Since we're talking about wrestling, what's your "move". What do you use the most?
    lol yeah, chaos scrolls are not the best scrolls to use on a weapon. I assume they were untradeable ones from the event? (Tradeable ones are worth ~17m)
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