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Rate the Siggy!

Feb 23, 2011
I think I'll actually give out a real rating here for once..

The screenshot banner is simple, and that can be a good thing in many cases. It might look better if you were to center it, though. It would also help if you placed your thanks [to Purple_Rupee] right underneath the banner. The quote would look pretty cool if it were at the very bottom. All and all, it isn't bad but could use a bit of reorganizing. 7/10


They call me Ammi
Oct 16, 2011
It's an amazing signature -lol- but the word bondage does come to mind every time I look at it. -lol- Then again green is a lovely color for most if not all women in my opinion.

Still have to appreciate the subtle chaotic feeling I get from this image so 10/10 I hope i'm not too generous of a rater -lol- /)^3^(\


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
Da'aw... I haven't gotten to play Okami yet, but I hear very good things about it. [9.5/10]

EDIT: Lol, hi, ninja. :> Not sure I like the filter that was placed on it, but it's a decent banner, nonetheless. [7/10]

Oh noes! I Ninja'd a mod! *prepares to be struck by lightning*

Anyways, Purple_Rupee, same as last time c:

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