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Rate the Most Recent Anime You Watched

Attack on Titan The Final Season The Final Chapters Part 1 - 9/10

A great sendoff to a key character, and I love the personal moments as normal civilians experience the Rumbling early on. The last third dragged a little, but it got me excited for the final battle overall.

Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village - 9/10

I enjoyed seeing three Demon Slayer episodes on the big screen. Not much more to say.

Make My Day - 5/10

This is a cool horror anime that reminds me of the sense of isolation of Metroid. There are redemption arcs aplenty, and a pretty emotional scene of a woman giving birth. It's too bad most of the characters are so one dimensional, and the CGI is quite bad.

Trigun Stampede - 9/10

Speaking of CGI, Trigun Stampede is CGI done right. The movement is so smooth. My one minor nitpick is that the designs look better in darker lightning. When they're out in the bright desert, they appear less detailed. I love the character chemistry that remains faithful to the original manga with Vash being his usual goofy self but serious when he needs to be. Vash, Wolfwood, and Meryl are great together, and the new addition of Roberto grew on me. Knives is so much more developed in this one compared to the 98 anime. The music slaps too.

My Hero Academia Season 6 - 9/10

After a poor 5th season, I'm glad MHA is back on track. The war arc had some real sacrifice and some intense battles. But the second half of the season is what made me love it. Seeing Deku shoulder so much burden by himself really made me appreciate his character the most since the Overhaul arc. I'm also glad Uraraka finally got to shine.


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To Your Eternity Season 2 - 9/10

After being abroad for a while I’ve finally had the chance to catch up and finish the second season. I feel like the last few episodes of the anime were where things really picked up but the last ep felt a little bit rushed to me. That being said there were some very satisfying moments and some not so great ones. Overall though I loved the anime and the ending of the episode really leaves me hanging to see what they’ll do in what will be the setting of the third season.
Buddy Daddies - 9/10

I thought this was a simple Spy x Family clone at first, but I was really impressed with the degree of fleshed out character relations between Miri, Rei, and Kazuki. The OP and ED are great. My only complaint is the last few episodes feel a little rushed.

Steamboy - 7/10

I didn't understand the story of this one too much. But I absolutely loved the steampunk aesthetic and everyone chasing around to get a package near the start of the movie was highly entertaining with all the moving parts.

Suzume - 9/10

Another excellent Makoto Shinkai movie. I really enjoyed the supernatural aspects of this movie, and the traveling parts really vibed with me. The music was top notch and the animation was gorgeous except for certain CGI.

The Fire Hunter - 6/10

An extremely interesting premise is let down by some very limited animation and some convoluted plot points. There are some gorgeous scenes here, but I felt lost about what was happening half the time.
Beast Tamer - 7/10

This was a pretty good adventure/harem anime. The OP and ED are very catchy. Plus, the character chemistry is on point.

One Piece: Episode of Luffy - 7/10

A bland and boring villain brings this special down. Plus, too many flashbacks lifted directly from the show. Still, the Straw Hat fashion show, the wax statues, and the action are all on point.

86 (Part One) - 9/10

One of the best mecha anime I've ever watched. No one is safe in this show. The story format is incredibly unique as we see two different perspectives unfold, and there is some deeper commentary about racism and the power of camaraderie. Stunning visuals and music only add to this show's power although I'm not the biggest fan of CGI mechs.

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Jun 1, 2023
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Geneshaft // 8 out of 10
In the future mankind to bring an end to violence used genetic engineering to color code people to different stations in life and pit an end to violence. Part of this new world order is there is only 1 man to 9 women, and each man has a registar who monitors him closely for violent tendencies. Irony of ironies a crew is being assembled a la military with a new giant mecha weapon called the Shaft to combat the potential threat of these massive golden rings, one of which is in orbit over earth. Piloting the shaft is the spunky Mika Seido, a white, who’s genetic color is immature and has not become a color yet.
The show feels like Gundam crossed with Halo (the rings), but the characters are more like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, personable, and each enjoyable respectively; ironically the english actor who plays Spike Spiegel on Cowboy Bebop does a voice of an astronaut from our times who meets these generically engineered future people, and of course it leads fo humorius antics like the realization procreation is now only in labs and love (romnatically) is forbidden.
The Show had a long run on Toonami on Cartoon Network at night, and that is how I discovered it.
There is a lot you may roll the eyes at, including Yugi-Oh’s maniac twin brother who is fatalistic. But the story as whole works, and many pf the characters, including Mika are likable, with naunced performances and that usual anime thing of questions about existence, meaning, choices, and etc.
It does use some 3D animation with the standard anime style, which now is a growing as liked mixature thanks to Studio Orange.
One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia - 8/10

It's great seeing Foxy team up with Luffy and crew. There are some really good fights here with Luffy taking on that vice admiral being a highlight.

86 (Part Two) - 9/10

The tensions feel a little lower in this second half at times, but the last two episodes are an absolute masterclass and some of the most emotional I've seen in any show. A brilliant ending.

One Piece: Episode of Merry - 9/10

This is a well animated retelling of my favorite saga in One Piece. Usopp vs. Luffy, CP9, and the battles on Enies Lobby never get old.

Highschool of the Dead - 7/10

This is a pretty turn off your brain show with lots of exposure of naked women and swearing, but the action with the zombies delivers.

Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King - 10/10

One of my favorite anime movies of all time. The action animation is so damn good. It's nice seeing nearly every character get a fight. Conrad carries the villains with his strong presence throughout.

Food Wars The Fifth Plate - 7/10

This season loses some of the show's luster with not as much cooking being shown and some ridiculous techniques like preparing a dish using a chainsaw. Still, the ending largely delivers and the music and foodgasms are as great as ever.
Hell's Paradise - 8/10

I love the intrigue of the island in Hell's Paradise as more layers are gradually peeled away. The opening song might be my favorite of any anime this year. It's too bad the animation doesn't live up to the insane quality Mappa have set for themselves in JJK and CSM.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 0 - 9/10

It was nice seeing where Sylphie ended up after turning point 1. Definitely a lot of political intrigue although the animation was a step down from the usual.

Psycho-Pass Providence - 6/10

The discussion between humans interpreting the law and AI doing so continue to be an interesting one in this series, but the villains after the first season continue to be uninspired.

Little Witch Academia - 8/10

I love Ako's charm and the belief she has in her magic. It's very touching and leads to some amazing character relationships. The animation and music in this show are stunning. Things are a little too slow-paced sometimes and the final villain is a little boring, but it's a great time overall.

Mashle - 7/10

My favorite ED since JJK's for season 1 can only go so far. The character art feels a little too bold and the humor is very repetitive. At least the battles are continuously fun.

Dorohedoro - 8/10

This show is absolutely wild. I love it. All of the sorcerers are pretty wicked, but my favorite is En with his mushroom magic. Everyone has their own believable motives and no one is hollow. That said, some characters are a little too cliché.

Dorohedoro OVA - 6/10

It's just a collection of clips. Some are pretty funny, but it's nothing special.

KonoSuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World! - 7/10

Megumin and Yunyun can only carry this show so far. The rest of the main cast has some cameos, but it just isn't the same without them. The animation during fights is stunning, though.

High Rise Invasion - 6/10

A dumb premise is saved by some decent characters and some decent fan service. Masks wanting people to commit suicide is more unique than downright killing them, but the masks themselves are so one dimensional.


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Aug 13, 2013
Panda! Go Panda!

Imperfect and very Disney-esque, this fun collection of two child friendly short films is the beginning of the etches of what would become Studio Ghibli.
In/Spectre Season 2 - 8/10

The cases were a lot more emotional and better paced in this season. Also, the ending is an amazing song.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth - 8/10

A solid recap of the show with all of the major moments showcased.

The End of Evangelion - 9/10

My favorite piece of Evangelion content so far. I adored Asuka's fight, and I think the ending was thought provoking if quite confusing.

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc - 8/10

The pacing of this arc felt off to me. Everything was padded out, and the two Upper Demons were so uninspired. That said, the first and last episodes delivered with tremendous animation and emotion.

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 - 7/10

I prefer the search and rescue plot of this season to the siege of season 1, but the antagonist was a bit blander and the final battle felt anticlimactic.
Dr. Stone New World - 8/10

It's nice to have finally gotten some information on the origins of the petrification beam, plus I think Kohaku looks cute in a dress, even if I have concerns on the new villains being able to follow up on the quality of Tsukasa.

FLCL Gurenge - 5/10

Another unnecessary FLCL sequel. 3 episodes is too little to tell a meaningful plot, and the CGI is just meh, but there are some cool throwbacks to the original show.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Part 1 - 9/10

This was a decidedly slower slice of life season, but I still feel it did an excellent job capturing Rudy and Sylphie's relationship, and it set up some intriguing new comrades for the future.

Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War The Separation - 9/10

This part of the season felt that it dragged out some fights for a little too long, but the final fight between Squad 0 and Yhwach as well as his Royal Guard delivered, and Kenpachi was also a total badass in his episode.


Dec 11, 2012
Recently watched RE:Zero first season. I honestly expected better, was okay until about half way through but god pretty bad and also slow after the first 2 "Events" You can section the anime off of check points that revive the main character and the events repeated, but after the second one, it takes forever for the third one to start and the main character gets real unlikeable before it starts. I haven't bothered to start any sequels and don't know if I will, but luckily new Shield Hero season coming soon, so if I even want to see more Isekai, I will from that at least.


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Apr 2, 2011
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Dragon Ball Super Hero
10/10, zero complaints out of me. Very fun, goofy romp with some very cool fight sequences. You can tell they really pushed it with "impossible" camera angles just to pump up the cool factor, like some of the Jojo video games do, & it was a very smart decision to make some scenes really look awesome. Piccolo got to be a star & Pan was adorable. It's just SO refreshing to have something where Goku or Vegeta isn't the main focus. They were hardly in it, & I am glad. Gohan also got to really shine & had some wonderfully funny moments with his green dad. I'm glad my partner finally gave it a try & watched it with me, as he was super put-off by the CGI trailers, but caved & was impressed by all of it by the end. I was supposed to see it in theaters with my roommate, but partner was being super sour about the CGI & refused to try it at the time, so we just kind of forgot about it. I wouldn't mind owning it on DVD at all. Delightful, & I am PICKY about DBZ these days.

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