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Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

Jul 1, 2018
Like Father 7/10

Got the guy from Frasier in it (can't be bothered to look it up)
Watched it with the misses, pretty easy going film. Easy evening viewing.
I think i may have reviewed this film in this thread in the past but if I have then I want to ammend what I said.

John Wick 2- 6/10

I LOVE the first John Wick and when I saw the second film I didn't think it was a necessary film but still enjoyed it.

With John Wick 3 being out now I decided to rewatch John Wick 2 for the second time since seeing it at the cinema...

I REALLY didn't enjoy it. The action is still good, the acting is still good, it was directed well and it is always a pleasure to see Keanu Reeves (who is aging like a fine wine, i may add), but god damn the story does everything it can to rob the character of any worth and make the first film mean nothing.

In my head JW2 is a non-canon, badly written but entertaining fanfiction, it hurts so much to see the first film be diluted for such a forced sequel.

I hope the third one is better.
Jun 12, 2018
See You Yesterday 6/10

Produced by Spike Lee. Decent time travel story although predicable. It does have the most awesome cameo at the start and a brilliant line relating to the time travel classic the actor starred in.


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Jock Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum 9/10

Look people, here's the thing. It's John Wick doing Jonh Wick things and doing it well and with style.

Buuut if we were to actually bother to judge the film more critically (why would anyone do that?) I would say that this one is lacking a bit in the visual style of its predecessors. While the location and set design and cinematography are still top notch, I felt as though it were a lot more superficial this time. It's still helluva good to get sunk in to the world of these movies, even in the few mundane locals.

The plot pretty much progresses linearly from objective to objective, making it feel very much like a standard video game formula of "talk to this guy > have a fight > do the thing guy said to do > talk to the next guy > repeat as necessary." As a vehicle for an ongoing series of kickass action segments, I mean it's simple but it works. It felt like there were a lot of throwaway characters and a rather cheap fake out "or did he?" cliffhanger ending setting things up hard for the next one.

For now, John Wick movies are the only series of movies I bother to see in theaters don't mind more of. Three installments in and the series doesn't seem stale or tired or balls out incompetent... yet. That's pretty much because it would be really hard to screw this up. Not that I'd put it past em, but all they have to do is keep the action as banging as it's been without going over the top and the story can pretty much fade into the background.

But the "without going over the top" is the serious caveat. John is not superman. And a few moments in this one pushed the limits of what I'm willing to accept. There is a natural tendency for ongoing action series to want to one up the stuntsmanship of the previous movie each time. See the Die Hard series for a perfect case study. Die Hard went from swinging off the top of an exploding building on a fire hose to tail surfing a crashing F-22 and diving out the back of a crashing cargo helicopter in a Jeep. John Wick isn't that bad yet, but it's like they're testing the fence for weaknesses.

Oh, and there were some CGI moments too. So far the series has resisted the temptation to use CGI but they finally went for it... and it could've been worse. It could have been James Bond parasailing a melting ice sheet tsunami bad but it's nowhere as bad as that at least. CGI is used briefly albeit obviously only a handful of times, and the last time was in conjunction with the worst over the top moment and it was by far the worst offender... and the worst looking.

So... action coreography and cinematography and stylish af art direction like nobody else can handle is John Wick's bread and butter. Does Parabellum succeed in this? Hells to the yeah. If you actually care about characters and story here well the movie has well developed characters and a story and excellent acting and some fascinating world building even and heck it even has some interesting themes playing out. It works. It's serviceable. That's as much as it needs while John Wick is going all Babba Yagga on all the things.


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Jan 22, 2016
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Very much a dude.

7/10, while it does follow the rise of VP Dick Cheney and Bush's presidency, I do feel that it's a little one-sided as a docu-dramedy. Christian Bale absolutely slays it as Dick Cheney, getting his mannerisms and the way he speaks completely down, and the historical facts are more or less, portrayed fairly.

Obviously, this movie aims to paint the presidency of Bush in a shady light, but, ultimately, it's a funny and entertaining film nonetheless.


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Oct 8, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
I saw the new live-action Aladdin this past weekend, and it was pretty okay

Some highlights:
- I suprisingly really liked Will Smith as the Genie, he had a distinct personality like Robin William's Genie did
- Jafar was kind of stale, didn't feel energetic enough
- The actors for Aladdin and Jasmine were pretty good
- The movie itself didn't really change or add much, so it was pretty much a live-action copy of the animated original (which is okay)
- Soundtrack was good
- They tried to have an emotional moment with Hakim (the captain of the guard), but it didn't really resonate
- Iago and Abu are just kind of...there, I guess? Didn't really do much

Overall it was pretty fun as an experience, but didn't really stand out from the animated version, 7/10
Godzilla King of the Monsters - 9/10

I cannot fathom where the critics are coming from on this. It's like they've never seen a Godzilla film before.

Don't listen to them. King of the Monsters is a good film and pays respect to the source material, something the critics clearly have no ****ing idea about.


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Feb 18, 2010
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Watched Endgame last month, i'd rate it 7/10 partly cuz i didn't watch the two films before hand and partly cuz it left too many plotholes unplotted.....unfilled?


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Feb 8, 2011
The Taken Trilogy over the last few days since John Wick also reached its conclusion. Liam Neeson is one tough nut to crack, and seeing him in action reminds me of Keifer Sutherland or Matt Damon pulling out all stops. Although the choreography and pacing felt a bit choppy at times, these movies are still worth watching at least once since they get better with each installment (heck, John Wick left off the second film with a similar plot point). 7/10

Next up is 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Jun 12, 2018
I Am Mother (2019 - Netflix) 7.5/10
Good performances, interesting premise. I felt they could've made a little more of the story though - it just kind of fizzles out towards the end.

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