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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]

Princess Abigail

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Jun 26, 2020
Wait no I read that again rag had negative infinity votes. I think probably to prevent any "lynch the host scenario". Either way it probably doesn't have to do with Storm specifically.

What was it that alana said you're specifically agreeing with? I think its been a few pages since alana talked about anything except a the posts clarifying some stuff with her role so I don't feel like trying to dig for it.

Holy **** your right...I never noticed the negative lol
Dec 13, 2019
No sorry I did not give two lives. My ability does something else

I know what it does. Ex should too. If he doesn't then it probably was redirected.

@DawningWinds while I agree it's not likely Ex is cultable given his behavior at the start of the game against his claimed cult meta, that's hardly proven fact and so Ex has absolutely no room to stand on an out dated mod confirmation in a cult game.

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