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Please help identify this music video "ad" featuring Zelda?

Sep 17, 2018
A short time ago (less than an hour before this post) I got a random ad from "Will It Crush" on my phone; I believe it was actually a music video, given how long the progress bar seemed to be and what I saw (especially the fact that a band appeared).

It started with someone (couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman sorry) playing Link's Awakening on an original gansta Gameboy while sitting on the steps outside of a building before Navi flew over, got their attention, and led them through the doors of the building and then through a courtyard to a room with a pedestal containing the Master Sword, OoT style. The person pulled the sword, disappeared in a flash of light, a band appeared, and the person finally reappeared wearing Link's outfit before walking down the hallways.

At this point, I had a massive brain dumb, instead of turning on the volume or switching my headphones from my computer to my phone (I have a habit of simultaneously watching YT vids while playing idle games on my phone) to hear it and try to figure out what song the video was via the lyrics, I closed out the ad and game before trying to find it on Google; suffice to say, I have failed, and decided to try and ask here if anyone knows what this is. Anyone know what this was?

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