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link's awakening

  1. Lady Urbosa


    Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I have quite a few questions concerning the main character, Link, and his past. Hopefully someone can answer them for me. Why was Link entrusted by King Rhoam as Zelda's personal knight? Why doesn't Link speak? Why does Revali have a rivalry with Link? Do...
  2. cata_bernal

    The real world inspiration behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Ok I know everyone hates edgy takes on Majora's Mask about how Link is dead or in purgatory, etc I agree because Majora's Mask exists to develop further the character of Link and thus he must have a future, or else the game has no purpose and that would be sad. But i think i have cracked the...
  3. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Spoiler Waking up the Wind Fish

    As most of us Zelda fans know, waking up the Wind Fish is the ultimate goal of Link's Awakening. The Wind Fish itself is a godlike being slumbering atop a mountain on Koholint Island, apparently cursed to sleep by some sort of Nightmare creatures. The island itself only exists because the Wind...
  4. Joseph Torres

    Please help identify this music video "ad" featuring Zelda?

    Hope it's okay to post this here as well, no responses in the Media forum but as this is Zelda related, here goes: A short time ago (around midnight mountain time between Sunday and Monday this week) I got a random ad from "Will It Crush" on my phone that I believe was actually a music video...
  5. Joseph Torres

    Please help identify this music video "ad" featuring Zelda?

    A short time ago (less than an hour before this post) I got a random ad from "Will It Crush" on my phone; I believe it was actually a music video, given how long the progress bar seemed to be and what I saw (especially the fact that a band appeared). It started with someone (couldn't tell if...
  6. Wazurau

    2D Zelda

    Idk about you guys but, I REALLY want another official 2D Zelda game. But like in the style of Link's Awakening, A Link To The Past, Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons. Just because I love the dungeons so much. No other dungeon designs (especially 3D Zelda or any modern like "2.5D" games) feel the...
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