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Game Thread Pendio Mafia XI


Jan 19, 2018
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i have a pretty morbid history of unintentionally bussing allies on day 1


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Re: fext lying - I meant more about Fext saying they have a chat. If town thinks they're a noob, they will interpret that as a true scum slip, so the idea that experienced scum!fext is pretending to be a noob doesn't make a lot of sense IMO.
this do be a good point, which is one of the reasons why I think it came off as towny even though people didn't really care to explain why

we have unlimited claims and you should claim before you're killed although I'd rather see a competing wagon before it comes to that.
I really don't like the wording but I agree with it yea

claiming too late without a counterwagon could lead to them getting lynched anyway or even worse, less coordinated, lynches

These look a lot more like scum trying to avoid an elim than town trying to avoid a miselim IMO.
you really went from townreading him to scumreading him in less than 24h huh

I love how ExLight asked to not hammer me down which is understandable because we still have about 25 hours left remaining yet both Storm and now Seanize have voted for me to reach a total of 6 votes with little to no reason. Storm voted for me because "oh we voting for Fig now?" and now Seanize voted for me because "that sounds sus" without acknowledging any and all statements I've made in the past. If there's people I find annoying/non-town, it is now Ragnarokio, Storm, and Sneazie.
Sneazie lmfao I'm ****ing dying

but yeaaaaa
I can't say I'm too comfortable with some of the votes
For some context Storm is like Chaotic Evil when he decides to stop putting effort so don't read too much into some stuff he does maybe. Same for you Seanzie, I've seen you a bit confused about his reads, but yea, don't fry your brains trying to understand everything behind Storm's mind and just go with some of it lmao

You're going to force me to claim because people are hellbent to vote for, the fault is all on you Ragnarokio. I will say this, I've already hinted my role in previous posts if you can find them.
Did I miss something I thought this whole discussion was because of Fig x Fext? :psyduck:

Unvote, Vote: Chevy
Isn't it a bit late for joke votes lol
if you want to hound inactives we have PK


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I'm not a fan of the 'lynch me and you'll regret it' type of defense. It only makes Rag look bad if they're a mafia day role cop or something.
To be fair mafia does usually have coordinated people which makes them more likely to spot softs as long they communicate well

Also: @Ragnarokio @Killjoy262 and @ExLight you're voting for players and an extension... This close to EOD, whats your main goal? Pressure voting, lynching or an actual extension (which makes the other votes moot).
meow we still had another day by the time you posted this so it's not that close to EOD

My main goal is finding scum and voting them, lmao
but I'm actually not convinced on anything yet? I kinda agree with Fig being a bit suspicious, but I don't wanna place my vote there yet since we can still use the time to discuss other possible stuff and see PK's content
I think my vote just been sitting on my RVS for a while now but I don't really see a reason to remove it since Seanzie was my safe option due to my speculation about him being 3p, which I think also fits with the non-committal 180º read on Fig

The extension vote was a joke and honestly I don't really want one lmfao, I'd rather save it for whenever it's more important and if it gets closer to hammer I'll prolly remove it.


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gonna sleep and tomorrow I'll try to make pairings around fig but from the top of my head I think fext and minish are never scum with him, rag is unlikely, seanzie is neutral-likely

i don't remember chevy's positioning on the fext vs fig situation though


The game is on!
Day 1 Current Vote Tally:
Seanzie - 1 (ExLight)
Fext - 1 (Paranoid King)
Ragnarokio - 2 (Kirino, Chevywolf30)
Fig - 5 (A Link In Time, Killjoy262, Storm, DekuNut, Seanzie)
Chevywolf30 - 2 (Fext, Ragnarokio)

Extension - 4 (Ragnarokio, ExLight, Killjoy262, Fig)

Not voting - Morbid Minish, Viral Maze, Fig

With 14 players alive it takes 8 for a majority lynch. Otherwise the day ends on Thursday, October 7th 2021 at 6:00 PM EST.


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Jan 30, 2011
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I will also
Vote: Extension
Today was far busier than I expected it to be. I didnt have time to read as much as I hoped. Ive been able to keep up with whats happened since last night, but only gotten another few pages into my catchup.
I'm starting to see the case on Rag, and my theories from last night definitley need some reworking, with some more thought. While I won't say Fig's clear yet, I don't want to end the day with a vote based on half the day, so for now I will
Hopefully I can keep up on D2. So long as it isn't as active as yesterday was I should be fine. With an extension, maybe i can catch up, maybe i cant, idk. I have fewer plans on Thursday, so we shall see.
Either or, I will at least keep up with the rest of the day, but for now my vote will remain in limbo I think.


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Jul 23, 2011
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Get ready for a wall of text. Was out for the night since I had plans but I caught up since my last post.

You never answered my question about why you unvoted ExLight. Please do so. Also, if you want another wagon to form before you claim, unvoting and not revoting is not a great way to make that happen.
I forgot that a vote for extensions was separate. It slipped my mind at the moment. Even then, I don't see ExLight as a threat ever (once again my vote against ExLight was RVS at best but they haven't said anything to make me believe they are mafia) so there's not much too look into as it's practically meaningless.

@Fig who do you see as the scummiest so far? You've had a head-to-head with Rag so far, is it her?
My main targets at the moment are Ragnarokio, Storm, and Seanzie. Fext at best is just scumlean but this is assuming that they are playing the "I'm a noob so please go easy on me" despite claiming they have experience with mafia games yet genuinely asking borderline simple questions that make me question they don't play these social games.

Ragnarokio - My issues is that they are quite dismissive about my own logic, saying that I don't make sense for how they portray me in their own hypotheticals when I'm telling them straight up how I do play. If they don't like that I'm not a standard player that's suppose to have a standard mindset if I'm town, then that's their own fault for being so closed-minded.

Storm and Seanzie - Effectively voted for me with either no reason at all, (Storm's post: "Are we voting up Fig now? Vote: Fig ") or having flimsy logic and just nothing more but a "that's a bit sussy!" statement (Seanzie's post: "These look a lot more like scum trying to avoid an elim than town trying to avoid a miselim IMO. Unvote. Vote: Fig").

Fext -Never saw them as a threat since the beginning but apparently just me acknowledging something they said got them super defensive for something that was downright trivial is why I'm on the chopping board as of today. Now they get to live scotch free as if nothing happened and still acting like a new player despite their experience claims. Most of their posts is just white noise and it's just conversation to "keep the game alive."

I've always had the notion that town that don't provide input or feedback should be the first outed and I would have offered a trade off if they are ok to die for town if it means confirming information in exchange to be the main suspect if they are flipped as town. Before anyone asks, I am also happy to die for town but it sucks that I was given this role so assuming there isn't a duplicate of my role, town is basically handicapped at the start, even moreso than most mafia games.

chevy feels like an average Ranked Practice Framer
Why do you say this? Please elaborate on why do you believe that Chevy is a framer in your eyes? Did I miss something in Chevy's post that you are able to see? I want to know the reasoning or if this is an attempt and some kind of read to save yourself after your debacle with me.

@Fig since you seem allergic to general questions

can I get your thoughts on three players that are not you or me
I don't know why you are being so dismissive but hopefully this post helps answers your concerns. Read my paragraphs above.

not sure tbh

just the vibes I'm getting

Never mind then, just your typical white noise statements then. You don't give us anything, not even giving us a crumb of what Chevy said that you made you think this except that they failed a vibe check which is just flawed/bad reasoning.

Ok, so I'm rereading the thread and this is the problematic post in question.
This is actually less worse than I thought it would be, because from what people have been saying I thought he had implied not a scumslip, not a roleslip. I do agree that Fig not considering the odds of Fext being mafia first is a bit weird, but it's way less scummy than what I first understood. I'd honestly find it scummier if someone jumped straight to the conclusion that Fext is mafia, tbh?
Exactly, it would be even more scummy of me if I immediately jumped into the conclusion that Fext is mafia off by one post they made and pushed for them to be mafia with no evidence. That's just bad town plays and I want to believe I'm knowledgeable to understand that's something you shouldn't do unless you have the riskiest guts to go with such a read, which I don't have.

This is still about Fext, right?
Up to this message I'm a bit confused on what's your position regarding them. If you think they slipped about a non-mafia chat why would they be worried in denying it to "save their tail"? Save their tail from who? I didn't see anyone seriously accusing them of being mafia even when they mentioned red names?
Yes that aspect is still about Fext. As I said before, if I saw Fext as a threat, I should have voted for them right? I didn't because I have no evidence to believe that they are. How I see it, the only information we knew at the start is that there's 14 players and ratio-wise, it would make sense for at least 3 mafia players to exist, 4 if Pendio wants to be nutty. Fext "slipping-up" about the information of a chat informs me that they have a role with a chat benefit but doesn't necessarily mean immediate mafia as neighbors, lovers, spies, etc. can be in play. According to Ragnarokio's math, mafia has the likelihood of having a chat but again, I wasn't informed of this until Ragnarokio posted that math analysis, assuming it's correct.

What I mean by Fext "saving their tail" is that we are pretty much at the cusp of me being killed off and because this occurred because they were defensive about me and Killjoy just acknowledging what they said and when I do turn up as town, they are going to be even more defensive moving forward as they were start of my death even though it is Ragnarokio that pushed the bandwagon with others just jumping in. It still makes no sense that despite Killjoy being the only one from the two of us to have voted for Fext but Fext targeted me as the one giving them an "unfair assessment" when 1. Me and Killjoy even asked for a proper elaboration what do they mean by a proper elaboration and 2. Fext purposefully ignored that request by not responding to it and then either continues to memepost or just spew out white noise posts that don't provide nothing.

I feel like the context is pretty different, because them voting you at that moment would've put you in the absolute leading and somewhat closer to hammer lol
Maybe so, but when you find out my role, you are going to feel as sour as I am feeling that this is happening lol.

I'd honestly be shocked if Fig and Fext were scumbuds and I don't think a sane scum busses someone they barely know D1 like this lmfao
I would be too, considering I'm not scum and at this point, my copium is that Fext is indeed scum just so I can take someone with me to the grave and make it so my death wasn't in vain.

Did I miss something I thought this whole discussion was because of Fig x Fext? :psyduck:
I'll fill in the gaps for you. At this point in the discussion, I was/still am rather upset with Ragnarokio's logic, either being completely dismissive of me because the actual Fig doesn't play like a hypothetical Fig in their mindset despite me telling them how I would play in any mafia game and continued to hound at them because I want to remind them moving forward should I die, they are reason why town loses for losing a rather important role and should forever mortalize the moment that not everything they come up with inside their head is the only world that exists.

Isn't it a bit late for joke votes lol
if you want to hound inactives we have PK
This is a bit of a pet-peeve of mine. You are correct that this is rather a late to joke/meme vote and it bothers me that people do this whether it's Ragnarokio voting for someone else as a joke (don't even try to say there's reason behind this Ragnarokio, your only saving grace is that you voted away from me so that there could be more of a leeway in the event that someone else was going to hammer on me since at that point of time, I had 6 out of the 8 votes needed for majority) or Fext saying "I think Chevy is a potential framer" with no evidence, and confirming it with a "lol I don't know, just vibing I guess". But apparently me making a notice at Fext claiming that the chat debacle was "a meme/bait" is enough reason for me to voted out. I hate double standards.


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Unvote Extension

I'm not going to extend D1, specially if it's something we might have somewhat limited lmfao what the fudge guys

It still makes no sense that despite Killjoy being the only one from the two of us to have voted for Fext but Fext targeted me as the one giving them an "unfair assessment" when 1. Me and Killjoy even asked for a proper elaboration what do they mean by a proper elaboration and 2. Fext purposefully ignored that request by not responding to it and then either continues to memepost or just spew out white noise posts that don't provide nothing.
About this, can you give help me understand your reads on them (Fext and Killjoy) and how they evolved throughout the day a bit better?

I'm personally townreading Fext, which makes me a bit more iffy on Killjoy; but I feel like you been a bit on the fence on the whole thing.
If you were scumreading Fext you'd've voted him, I'm assuming, but it feels like you considered the slip relatively towny? I think you mentioned Ragnarokio, Storm, and Seanzie as people that bothered you, but personally I also see Killjoy as being one of the main forces pushing you down the lane since by shifting the load on you they've been able to kinda go under the radar for previously being "unfair" to Fext.

I think I'd be fine with anyone among Killjoy/Ragnarokio/Fig/Seanzie getting lynched, in this order, maybe. Looking forward more activity from Minish, Kirino, PK, Viral, aLiT, Deku because I was really not satisfied by their posts so far, be it in amount or in substance (**** this is just such a long list *punches floor*)


Jun 19, 2010
I don’t realy find Seanzie’s flip on Fig to be suspicious, because he based it on him having misread Fig’s original post in a way that seemed fairly genuine to me. And I kind of agree that Fig’s reactions are moreso what I’d associate with scum, although I recall him reacting pretty much the same way as town last game, so it doesn’t really make me suspect him.

Fext faking being new might be a bit of a hard sell given his “slip,” but in general, I can easily see the case for it, especially given that people are town reading him mostly because of how proactive and invested he is in a way that noobscum probably wouldn’t be.

Ex is pinging me a bit because of the way he’s posting. Hard to describe, but he’s making points that seem obvious or responding to things that might not warrant it in a way that makes it seem like he’s trying to look invested and pro-town. @Morbid Minish is probably better at reading him than I am, though, so I’m curious to know her thoughts.

I’ll post more later. I’ll check when EoD is and might vote for an extension based on that, especially since this has actually been a pretty productive D1.
I saw him vent
it was in the back of electrical
chevy feels like an average Ranked Practice Framer
why are you doing this

Morbid Minish

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Honestly I don't see why mafia would want to bring attention to a possible slip-up too, though?

In this case it's not a slip up if it's town. It's willingly outing his type of role. You know that town is less likely to draw attention to softs/claims than mafia. Because town doesn't want mafia to catch on if they haven't.

Fig said slip up can be meant for something like letting it slip your throwing a surprise party, but that's not what slip up means in the context of mafia. I've never seen anyone refer to slip in any context other than a scum slip. Especially with how he phrased it about loving the slip up or whatever. Why would you love it if it were town? You'd only love scum slip. I don't see how that can be debated that Fig clearly thought that Fext scum slipped.

Ngl, I probably won't be posting much the rest of this day phase/will be low energy just because of life stuff. The only reason I'm hesitant on Fig is because everyone seemed on board with his wagon so quick. Which either means he's town or being bussed.

Also the whole claim thing. Rag pings me a bit with her post about that, when I've otherwised liked Rag's contributions. Both Fig and Rag said that Fig should wait to claim until there's a competing wagon. However, Fig has been the main focus of the day. He's been the biggest wagon. And waiting til there is a competing wagon to claim sounds bad to me. Why wait? The thing that could save you is your claim. So how are you going to convince people to join a competing wagon otherwise? Also, most activity with wagon changes doesn't happen til near eod. Which just causes a bunch of chaos if suddenly it's like an hour til eod, another wagon starts growing, Fig claims, and everyone scrambles to discuss the claim and figure out what to do. That only benefits mafia. So it kinda seems like there's a decent potential of Fig or Rag being scum (or potentially both and this was a distancing thing that completely backfired, especially with Fig's posts of blaming Rag for stuff which if he flipped scum could be an attempt to take heat off of her).

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