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OoT Hyrule and the WW Great Sea - Similarities?

Jan 25, 2010
Dragon Roost Island- Death Mountain

Do you think it is possible that Dragon Roost island is actually Death Mountain from OoT? Think about it, the caves are both filled with lava. Also, in the legend, the races civilized on top of mountains after the flood. The Rito civilized on Dragon Roost island. Bit if their decendants of the Zora, then what are the doing on Death mountain.

What are you thoughts?

If this post was already made,or the theory was already confirmed i apolagize.
Nov 30, 2010
Seattle Washington
you know there are all kinds of theories about the islands of Wind Waker. I believe it is generally accepted that Dragon roost is Death mountain and Forest haven is Kokiri forest. at least thats what i've gathered from combing the forums :)


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Nov 29, 2010
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It is generally accepted that Dragon Roost island is Death Mountain. It has the same ring of smoke at the top, has bomb fruit growing at the base, while the entrance to the Dragon Roost cavern is in a similar area to the entrance to the Fire Temple of OoT.

Dragon Roost map

Fire Temple main room

However there is an island much farther west of Dragon Roost called Spactacle Island. Which might be Spectacle rock. Why it was moved so far west I do not know.


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Jul 12, 2010
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Here is a map of OoT's overworld
And here is WW's Great Sea
If we look at Death Mountain's on OoT's maps Death Mountain is on the upper half of the map. So is Dragon Roost Island if we look at the Great Sea map. They are both mountainous and tall, which further gives us a reason to believe they are the same. And as to why the Zoras now Ritos live there is probably because most of the Gorons were wiped out during the flood. I guess the goddesses didn't like them much;). So either the remaining ones got separated, or they moved out and became merchants to for a living.
Nov 8, 2010
I looked at this a little bit after playing Wind Waker, and I came to the conclusion that the Wind Waker map best matches up to A Link to the Past map if you were to rotate the Wind Waker map 90 degrees counterclockwise and also rotate ALttP map about 30-40 degress counterclockwise. Remember...we can't assume that each map presented in each game is from the same perspective/coordiante system. Could be viewing the in-game map from slightly different angles.


In this scenario:


Tower of Gods/Hyrule Castle = Hyrule Castle

Dragon Roost = Death Mountain

Forest Haven = Zora's Domain (OoT Deku Tree destroyed, and new Deku Tree grew in the most fertile area after having seeds transported by the wind)

Outset Island = Lake Hylia

Windfall Island = Kakariko Village

Forsaken Fortress = Desert of Mystery (seems pretty obvious that it's just another name for the Gerudo Desert)

Great Fish Isle = Swamp

Headstone Island = Eastern Palace (the large headstone actually looks similar to the Eastern Palace architecture)

Gale Island = Off the LttP map

*Nothing really analogous to the Lost Woods in LttP


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Oct 17, 2009
Very sound for most of Your arguments, but the whole Outset Island = Lake Hylia is as you said, very sketchy. Also, I'm a Very strong belever in the Windfall island is Kakariko Village theory, for many reasons. first of all is windfall's proximity to dragon roost, secondly, they both have windmills, and finally, Hyrule Market is about the same altitude as Kakariko Village, if not lower, so that argument dosen't work. there are some more arguments for the Kakariko Village equals Windfall theory, but I've long sense forgotten them :xd:.
EDIT: did not see 2nd or 3rd pages, so i'm referring to the first post, not the one above. double :xd:


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Remember...we can't assume that each map presented in each game is from the same perspective/coordiante system. Could be viewing the in-game map from slightly different angles.
Can we assume that the cardinal directions are based off the magnetic field of the planet, as they are on ours?
I think it's safe to assume, since we're comparing maps, that both games take place on the same planet. Therefore when the games refer to cardinal directions, they specifically state the orientation of the map.

In WW, the fairy islands tell you which directions are North, South, East, and West. There are also countless directions given to you by NPCs (i.e. "Two squares West and four squares North is ____ Island"), so I find it difficult to assume that WW's map is supposed to be turned in order to compare it to others.

LttP also has a few references that specify which direction is which.
Check out the cave east of
Lake Hylia. Strange and
wonderful things live in it...
A helpful item is hidden in the
cave on the east side of Lake
Hylia. Get it!
Good. As a test, can you
retrieve the Pendant Of
Courage from the East Palace?
This way > Eastern Palace
This way < Hyrule Castle
East is to the right in LttP, so I don't think it's justifiable to rotate that map either.

Actually, I don't think there is any point in comparing these two maps at all. If LttP is on the AT, it would have to be after WW, meaning it would be in New Hyrule or in a completely new land created by the GDT, neither of which cases would be expected to retain any similarity to the Great Sea.

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