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  • Thanks. I miss that community sometimes, but I don't do LEGO anymore, so there is no reason for me to go back there.
    No problem! If you want, tell them I referred you. My name on there was "Teekay"
    Hey, I saw on the forums that you are a fan of LEGO, are you familiar with the FBTB Forums? I'm not into LEGO that much, so I don't go there anymore, but I would recommend checking it out if you haven't.
    Hey!! Wat's up?? :D

    needs more characters needs more characters lol
    hey man! sup'?

    i havn't been too active lately, 'cuz i really have nothing to say of value to the discussion...
    does that make sense?
    Alright i figured out how to put it in the signature.Thank you so much. It looks awesome.
    Alright, Here ya are!
    I can do more changes if you want.
    Oh! do you know how to make this your signature? Because I can tell you how if you want.
    Yup, All ya gotta do is tell me.
    So, what is your preferance? Tell me in my profile.
    I can do Something zelda, or anything of your choice.
    Then if you don't like the finshed version, I can make changes if you want.
    Just tell me!
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