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Nintendo Kiddy?


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Oct 28, 2012
And since when was this specifically about Zelda?

Oh it was mentioned about how Nintendo could go in a new direction with their games (like Zelda) to get more sales.

In Nintendo's corporate eyes, Zelda doesn't sell much, so it gets less priority. They ignore it cause it doesn't make them much money.

Look back, Zelda sales have been rather low in the 7th gen compared to other games on Nintendo systems. Zelda TP sold 5.8 million and Zelda SS sold 5.2 million. That's not impressive. SSBB sold 11.5 million, Mario Galaxy sold 11.7 million, and Mario Kart sold 34.2 million. Zelda doesn't make most of their money.

OK a few things...

1) Zelda doesn't sell well. But the only games that do sell well with Nintendo are Mario, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. If we're talking about just consoles, you can remove Pokemon.

2) You got the Zelda sales wrong. TP sold 8.5m. Skyward Sword sold 3.7m.

3) Even if you had gotten the sales right, those are still above average for the Zelda series, which averages at 4.25m (This is not counting ALBW, remakes, and spinoffs).

4) As it is, TP is the best selling Zelda title by far and when you get the average of the Gen 7 Zeldas, you have 6.1m(consoles). If you look further, you will see that the 7th gen has gotten the most success with Zelda.

Third Gen Average: 5.45m

Fourth Gen Average: 4.61m

Fifth Gen Average: 5.48m

Sixth Gen Average: 4.6m

Seventh Gen Average: 6.1m

5) If you want to go further and add in handhelds, seventh gen still takes 2nd place. The generation that beats it is the one without a handheld.

Third Gen Average: 5.45m (No handhelds)

Fourth Gen Average: 4.22m

Fifth Gen Average: 4.72m

Sixth Gen Average: 2.38m

Seventh Gen Average: 5.06m


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
I specifically said 7th gen, meaning sales on the Wii. TP on the Wii only sold 5.8 million units.

6.91m on the Wii alone.

Even if you want to ignore the GC (for whatever reason), it's still the second highest selling Zelda title.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Being "mature" doesn't automatically mean blood, guts, and nudity. It just means having a more serious tone and less cheerful story.
You're correct about a mature plot having a more serious tone, but that doesn't automatically mean the story is less cheerful. A game can have a plot that gives off a general cheerful tone, but also have many serious aspects to it. Just because a game is mature and serious, doesn't mean its story can't be just as cheerful as every episode of Spongebob Squarepants. Uncommon? Yes. Non-existent? No.

teh your name kind of hurts my eyes said:
Another point, just because a game is mature, doesn't mean it has to sacrifice gameplay and story. Take a look at The Witcher. A story better than any Nintendo game, sophisticated and engaging gameplay, and very mature themes. Lots of blood and voiclence as well. In fact, it's probably one of the darkest WRPG in the past 10 years. Again, still a great game.
Is it just me, or did you just contradict yourself by saying a game doesn't have to be "mature" with a lot of blood and guts, but here you call this game "mature" and say it has "lots of blood and violence". I'm confused over what you define a game as mature. Also, have you seen most games from the Zelda franchise? Lets take Majora's Mask for example: in MM, you have 3 days to save everyone before a seemingly possessed moon collides with Termina and annihilates everyone. You play Link, who is met with a terrible fate, and nothing goes well for him in this game. He tries to help people as much as he can, and as many times as possible. People forget as time is reset before the night of the final day, but Link never forgets. He has to carry all that emotional weight with him all the time, and has to bear through all the pain in order to save everybody. That takes immense courage on his part, regardless if he has the Triforce of Courage or not. There are so many great side-stories to this game as well, and you just seem to overlook them. Why is that?

How about another game, such as Skyward Sword: in SS, Link is bullied by a group of guys who make it their goal to make him unhappy, and to wreck his self esteem. All the while, Link obviously shows he has feelings for his best friend, Zelda. Before he can even come close to confessing those feelings, she's sucked away by Ghirahim's tornado. He makes it his goal to search for her, no matter the cost. The two have extraordinary chemistry, of which you obviously can't see for whatever strange reason. I will happily analyze the scene between the two of them, in which Link cringes and is on the verge of crying as Zelda seals herself away for 1,000 years. That's 1,000 years that Link won't get to see her, talk to her, and see her smile.


If that doesn't scream heartbroken to you, then I don't know what will. You may not see the connection, you may not see the characters raw emotions, and you may not see the clear character development, but you cannot compare one game over all Nintendo games without backing it up. I'm sorry, but I simply won't stand for it. I play Nintendo games because I enjoy both the gameplay and the story, and I will continue to play them regardless if they're considered kiddy.

teh are you kidding me haxor said:
Nintendo game have never even really been about the story. It's gameplay that they strive for.

Refer back to what I've previously just said, because you must be blind.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Okay I read the first post and skipped the rest a bit because four freaking pages to read :P Nah seriously; I'm one of the older gamers on ZD for sure with the age of 41. I find Nintendo games everything but kiddy. I enjoy the mario series, Zelda series and yes I even liked the Pokemon game I played. I think it really depends on your own standards. I can enjoy a great game even when it is considered kiddy. As long as the story is good and the game amuses me and I enjoy every single bit and find myself playing it over and over again every time I don't care what people think. I don't need blood, violense or gore content to enjoy a game. Even a so called kiddy game can be mature enough for me.

There is a lot of mature content to be found in games like Zelda or even Mario. It really just depends on what you wanna see in a game. There is a variety among the audience and what we consider to be kiddy can be considered mature enough for others. I personally won't let it bother me. As long as I can enjoy a game it is fine with me

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