Monster Hunter Double Cross (MHXX)

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    Some more footage of Lao Shan Lung and the Massacre Demon Diablos. Something interesting I noticed is that the Diablos doesn't have the Deviant theme, it's a totally new theme. Maybe the Massacre Demon gets its own theme because its the "leader" of the Deviants, or maybe this is the G Rank Deviant theme in general? Hmm.
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    info dump from Famitsu on MHXX, lots of good stuff: x

    Hidden Haze Malfestio
    *This Malfestio is able to turn invisible, allowing it to sneak up on foes easily.
    *Much like Chameleos and Gypceros, Hidden Haze Malfestio is well known for stealing items from hunters.
    *It is said that it loves to steal healing items, such as Potions and Energy Drinks.

    Massacre Demon Diablos
    *Though it has a Rage Mode, Massacre Demon Diablos actually has a second Rage Mode.
    *This state can be called the Massacre Charging State (Japanese 狂暴走状態).

    Nerscylla and Gravios
    *Nerscylla and Gravios are confirmed for MHXX! They aren’t much different from what we remembered in previous games.
    *Basarios is likely back too since its icon appears on one of the cases for MHXX.

    Hunter Arts
    *Great Sword - Moon Breaker (Japanese ムーンブレイク): A powerful attack that sends the hunter spinning in the air with the Great Sword, in a moon crescent like shape, and performing a deadly slash.
    *Long Sword - Devil’s Blade (Japanese 妖刀羅刹): The Long Sword gains an attack buff at the cost of a hunter’s health constantly decreasing. If the hunter hits a target, they’ll regain their health with each attack.
    *Sword and Shield - Blade Oil Chaos (Japanese 混沌の刃薬): Puts all Blade Oil types on Sword and Shield at once. Even with this art, you can still add more blade oil on the weapon.
    *Dual Blades - Rasenzan (Japanese ラセンザン): A special leaping strike combo that can deal more damage than usual if a hunter aims for the weakspot of a monster.
    *Hammer - Impact’s Pulse (Japanese インパクトプルス): A special art that surrounds the hammer in a glow. This art increases the range of the hammers impact with each attack.
    *Hunting Horn - High Animato (Japanese アニマートハイ): This art allows for the Hunting Horn to play songs by just evading attacks, even evading in the middle of melodies for buffs.
    *Lance - Healing Guard (Japanese 治癒の盾): An AoE healing art. While guarding with the weapon, hunters will heal themselves and fellow teammates in an area as they do so.
    *Gunlance - AA Flare (Japanese AAフレア): A Hunter Art that specializes in knocking monsters out of the air. Hunters will fire of their shots in the air before performing a powerful wyvernfire in the air.
    *Switch Axe - Tempest Axe (Japanese テンペストアクス): This art strengthens the Switch Axe’s Axe Mode and makes the attacks in this mode quicker. This art also grants the Axe Mode some new attacks as well.
    *Charge Blade - Chain Saucer (Japanese チェインソーサー): A Charge Blade art that fills up the phials for the weapon.
    *Insect Glaive - Bug Senses Intensification (Japanese 覚蟲強化): The art increases the mobility of Kinsects, but also increases the amount of stamina they use.
    *Bow - Strength of an Anchor (Japanese 身躱し射法): Allows for hunters to fire arrows at a monster as they evade backwards.
    *Light Bowgun - Charge Shot (Japanese チャージショット): This hunter art allows for hunters to fire all LV1 shots in a powerful single shot.
    *Heavy Bowgun - Heavy Slicing Shots (Japanese 射突型裂孔弾): These are more powerful versions of the Slicing Shots. These shots can cut off parts much more easily, compared to normal ones, due to their specially customized shells.

    *Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to use a Farcaster.
    *Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to burrow underground and perform a surprise attack with their weapon.
    *These cats can place down cannons and fire themselves from them in order to attack monsters.
    *This gives them a chance to deal mounting damage to the monster.
    *Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to roll objects at foes, dealing impact damage.
    *Support Prowlers have a horn that activates the SP State for a skill now.
    *Prowlers can now set a Healing Fountain down.
    *These support cats have a special skill that grants fellow teammates many resistances to certain statuses, such as Stun.
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    Do you think that could be the.... the.......
    Equal Dragon Weap-
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    That would be AMAZING but it looked more like a mechanical nakarkos to me. The Equal Dragon Weapon looks differently.
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    Info from new Famitsu scans x.

    "Hunter Call
    A new, local wireless play feature where you can call hunters to a meeting place by turning on your Hunter Search. If the hunters you call out to respond, they’ll immediately join you at your meeting place and can participate in multiplayer. Simply put, it’s an easy way to play with the people around you.

    Felyne Palico Armor Coloring
    Set colors for your Felyne Palico Armor. Just like you can with your hunter, you can freely color each part of your Felyne Palico’s armor.

    New Item: Horns Coin
    A coin you can receive as a reward by clearing quests at “Horns,” a bar where you can accept G-rank quests. You can exchange Horns Coins for various items by giving it to the bar’s show girl. Items you can exchange them for include raw meat, crossbow bullets, and other consumable goods, as well as things necessary for producing and strengthening armor. Also, you can change the background music at the bar."

    Palico armor pigments is awesome, and so is being able to change the BGM for the G Rank hub. Good info.
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    New commercials for MHXX.
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    oh and also a collaboration with GARO.

    and we got a new trailer that shows us nothing we haven't already seen.

    basically compiling all the info from the first three trailers into one trailer.



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    MHXX collaboration with Hunter X Hunter

    @Draymorath bet you'll get a kick out of this
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    When you do the data transfer, what exactly gets transfered over?
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    I think it's pretty much everything except character and quest history, including monsters slain and captured.
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    This video outlines some changes with MHXX, including being able to destroy a trap.
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    This goes over some cool stuff. Love the idea of transmogging. Shipping in items during a quest I'll be okay with if they limit it to things like cool drinks and whatnot. Things that are easy to forget.
    And that's pretty much it, game comes out for Japan soon. Here's to hoping for a western release. Cheers, boys!
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