March 3rd Plan

Discussion in 'Breath of the Wild' started by Scribear, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. pyjamas5189

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    Well I'm kinda hoping that people here will keep BoTW talk to the forums rather than the SB to make avoiding spoilers tha little bit easier ;P *hint hint wink wink*
  2. Dizzi


    same or this place will be dead and itll just be you and me Pj.....
  3. pyjamas5189

    pyjamas5189 Secretly a cat

    No offence though Dizzi but if this place is swarming with unavoidable spoilers I might not be on here that much :(
  4. Dizzi


    aye true that Pj.... but in the skype chat were are avoiding spoilers....
  5. Shamo

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  6. Lectures in the morning. Not that I will be paying attention because I will check my phone every 5 seconds if the mailman already arrived.
  7. LoveMcQueen


    That's a nice website but im not sure if it goes by location?
  8. Scribear


    Yeah not really. You can do it by store. Then click on it to see the store and then you'd have to see the closest one too you. I did it for Christmas to get a 2DS. It said Target had one. When I looked it did but the closest was about 40 minutes away. Still got it...but yeah, not exactly by location.
  9. Wombat Veteran

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    Breath of the Wild comes out the same day Logan enters theaters, so my plan is to pick my Switch up from Gamestop after work (no midnight release for me. I'm too old for that ****) and play it for a few hours on my television. Once my Logan showtime comes around, I'll bring the Switch with me and play it while I wait.
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  10. Satan

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    Eh, I haven't decided what my plan is, yet. I probably don't have to be as concerned since I'm picking up the Wii U version, but I may consider preordering and doing an in-store pickup, worst comes to worst. I don't drive, so the schedule conflict is because I'm relying on someone else to take me to get the game.
  11. Ventus

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    You absolutely have to be as concerned, possibly even more concenred. Nintendo will put out limitedcopies of the game regardless, but their Wii U stock will be far less than their Switch stock.
  12. Bok of the Wild

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    I might wait a bit to see it but I'm pretty excited to see it to.
  13. Jamie

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    Why what happens March 3rd?
  14. Dork_Link


    If I'm not working Mar. 3rd and the following day, I foresee LOTS of coffee and fatty snacks in my future. This date will change however if my Amazon shipment comes in early :D
  15. Bok of the Wild

    Bok of the Wild Witch King of Cynicism

    Logan comes out, didn't you read Tristans post?
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