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Game Thread Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book Four

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Morbid Minish

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Oct 1, 2016
Gg friends. Was a lot of fun following along. I need to improve myself. I've been off the last couple games. I'll try harder next time!
I think you did pretty well this game. It just kinda sucked that from my pov you seemed an optimal lynch because you were the only unknown from the wagons d1.

I had Ex nailed d2 I should've just believed in that. Well I mean I tried to but that pesky no lynch.

I kinda think with mafia having 2 killing roles, a rolecop, and an extra kill if Ex died meant town was kinda screwed. Especially with lovers and a hated voteless townie. Personally I think making Tristan a straight up doctor would have helped some. It's less suspicious and you don't have the double edged sword of having to block townies to protect them.

Anyways, my reads kinda sucked this game. Of course I gave All Might a pass when he was mafia! Lol. Also, sorry for lynching you d1 @Rubik. I dunno why I didn't just think you were survivor.

This was a fun game that drove me absolutely crazy at times. Thanks for hosting ALIT.

Korra 3 still best Korra.


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
I am quite appalled by my own performance in this game
i am too :P
(only by your choice of n2 target. you did well enough to make me confirm my suspicion on exlight!)

cmon guyssssss i flipped investigation type and yall still believed ex :kawaii: no one ever listens to me when i'm right

gg allmight tho lmao i wasn't even beginning to hunt u

giving mafia two kills felt a little unfair. i think under the right circumstances town could have won, but yeah. i do appreciate the balance between numbers though uwu

genuinely a good game


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Jun 23, 2019
Giant Pink Bunny
It was super tricky because people were clearing each other out and All Might was kinda popping everywhere and I had to die first for us to make use of the Venge + Double Kill :blobsweat:

I think this could've had a tweak too.

If you guys were about to lynch All Might I had to "slip" one of your roles to get lynched instead lmao.
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