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Game Thread Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book Four

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As for the balance of this game, this was a 10 vs. 2 vs. 1. The mafia team was screwed if they lost one member, so I wanted to make both members very strong and the town relatively weak with the only unequivocally good role being the watcher. Let me know if you thought it was balanced.

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Feb 8, 2011
There goes all of the posts I was replying to when Mezlo was hammered prematurely. I spent the day with family so I had a lot of catching up to do and wasn't able to post before Twilight. Sorry if it seemed like I was laying low, fam.

The setup felt easy to break when I realized that I could probably just claim Vig. It took me two Nights to make double sure that there wasn't another killing role, so I felt more comfortable dropping a claim today. It wasn't really my plan to turn Town against each other, but the lack of standard PR roles on the Town's side made it confusing and forced me to be more cautious than usual.

Overall, though, it was a fun albeit frustrating experience to not break character and give Town a fighting chance. Being a dual killing role meant taking players out sooner than normal despite it being a number game, and sometimes I just wasn't up to it.

@funnier Believe it or not, I was being candid with that 5. I said it depended on how the role was used, and one wrong move would've meant the end for me. Oh, and for the record, I probably would've voted Mezlo after ISOing him. =P

@ExLight Good game, bud. You had some close calls but we pulled through in the end.

Fun fact: All Might was mafia in all four Korra games.
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Jun 23, 2019
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So, for some game commentaries.

I think it was somewhat balanced. We just got lucky we got rid of the commuters early on without any trouble.

I don't approve the practice of announcing -Lo tho. I think the host can and should announce whether or not this could be the last phase or cause the next events to be unstoppable (yea, it can be even harder, but idk, discuss with the dead they're not really doing much), but announcing -Lo is ultra tricky to predict and gives away some roles sometimes at a crucial moment.

The setup felt easy to break when I realized that I could probably just claim Vig.
If you had killed Minish instead of Johnny like you first wanted your claim would backfire hard tho lmao.
They were starting to consider a SK, so I guess it wasn't really flawless.


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Hope to see you in next WC!

The fact that I was killed N1 was disappointing especially considering that this is the last Book.
Anyways gg!

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Dec 2, 2012
Oh btw my roommate told me the other day his cat's name is Zuko. Make of that what you wish.

Anyway, this was a fun game. I am quite appalled by my own performance in this game, but I'll deal with that when I have time to hate myself for it. The ending was quite intense and the curveball of the mafia vig was unexpected but in a good way. Thanks for hosting Alit! Though I think I'll stick to my word next time I say I'm too busy to commit to a game, haha.
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